Anti-abortion author to speak at university

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Credit: University of Stirling Catholic Society

Stirling University Chaplaincy will host an anti-abortion speaker and author on Wednesday, March 29.

The Catholic Society organised the event, which will be attended by Fiorella Nash, a fierce critic of current abortion policy. Her talk promises a ‘Q&A on Gendercide, Abortion and The World’s Missing Women’.

The background of the organisation which employs Ms Nash reveals much about the expected nature of the talk.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is a pro-life advocacy group who mainly talk on the issue of abortion. They also have a campaign called Safe at School which “campaigns against the sexualisation of children and teenagers by explicit classroom sex education”. They go on to say that the group rejects “the use of sexually provocative materials in schools”.

In addition to this, the SPUC also went as far as to suggest that a government grant to stamp out homophobic bullying was actually a “promotion of homosexuality.”

During her visit, Ms Nash will have to carefully navigate Stirling University’s Equality Policy, as it states that the university does not tolerate harassment, victimisation or unjustifiable discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy.

On the topic of ‘Gendercide’, in an address Ms Nash gave at the SPUC Youth Conference in 2016, she talked about how some cultures have abortions purely based on the gender of the child.

The Facebook event can be found here and there are currently 14 people confirmed as attending.

Expect a full write-up of the talk later next week.

Stirling University Gender Equality Movement had this to say: “GEM challenges the views of the speaker because we believe that feminism is all about choice, including giving people the choice what to do with their bodies. Considering that having an abortion is rarely an easy decision to make, this choice should be left to the individual who is having this process done to their body.”

The Catholic Society was also approached for comment.


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