University to grant 50 first-class degrees to celebrate 50th birthday

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The University of Stirling has announced it will be granting 50 first-class degrees to lucky students as part of celebrating its 50th birthday.

The #Stirling50Firsts initiative was created to acknowledge the “hard work that students put in day in, day out”.

Students who will be studying at the university during academic year 2017/18 are being encouraged to put their names into the draw for a chance to be one of the 50 students being granted the award.

Vice-Chancellor Gerry McCormac said: “This initiative goes some way to showing our gratitude to students at the university – without them, the university would not exist, and would not be as vibrant and as welcoming a place as it is today.

“Since the university opened its doors 50 years ago, each student has left his or her individual mark on the institution. It is with great honour I open the applications to the #Stirling50Firsts initiative”.

Incoming Union President Astrid Smallenbroek welcomed the announcement, stating students “deserve to be recognised”.

She added: “It obviously shocked me at first – 50 firsts is obviously an incredible gift for students, and it makes you step back a little. However, after speaking with Gerry McCormac and the team behind the initiative I am pleased to give it my full support”.

The names of the students who have been successful will be locked in a time capsule to be left at the centre of Airthrey Loch until the university’s 150th birthday.

Gerry McCormac said the reason for this was to “ensure those students successful in their application remained anonymous, and are treated the same as all other first-class students”.

Matt Adie, VP Education, said he had some “reservations” about the announcement.

He said: “I made it clear during the consultation process for this initiative I was not a total fan. I do not think students who work, shall we say, very little in comparison to their peers should graduate with firsts simply because of a raffle.

“However, I see the university’s logic in this decision, and I am glad to give it my support”.

Applications are open now for the initiative and will close September 29, 2017. You can apply here.

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