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Should you go to lectures?

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By Melina Seiler

It’s Monday morning. You are really tired. Is the weekend already over? You ask yourself “Should I go to the lecture?”. Some people have already decided never to show up. Maybe they check the presentation slides online or listen to the recording later that day. Maybe. Sure, sometimes it seems way more pleasant to stay at home instead of going to class. But is this really the best way to do your degree?

The next time you can’t decide if you should go or not, you should consider these pros and cons.

Five reasons to stay at home

1. You can listen to the recording and read the presentation later, your bed is way more comfortable and your sleep is worth more than education. Rested brain cells are more likely to absorb new knowledge.

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2. No one shows up at lectures, so why should you?

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3.  You did the key reading, therefore there’s no need to go to the lecture.

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4. You can go next week – missing it once is no reason to worry.

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5. When you are well rested, you have more motivation to study at home. If you show up to an early lecture you have no motivation left to study for the rest of the day.

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Five reasons to go to class

1. You will never listen to the recording or read the presentation, because you can do it another time. That usually means never.

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2. Some people show up at the lecture. Be one of them so you’re sure you’re less distracted than at home. Sure, you have your smartphone and laptop around, but you are still in class. You cannot run from it.

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3. When you are the kind of person that struggles to find motivation to go to class, do you really do your key reading? If not, you should go to class. At least you only need to listen there.

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4.  If you have once started to miss lectures you are more likely to miss more than one. At the end of the semester you will be happy if you have attended all lectures, because you need less time to prepare for your exams.

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5.  Not being tired is good when you plan to study. But even when you are tired in class, you are there. It’s better to learn there than to study by yourself. And you can ask the teacher in person if you have questions.

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