Hundreds protest UK rape clause in Glasgow

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Credit: Kristopher Eskdale

Glasgow’s George Square was met with a huge turnout earlier tonight to protest the UK government’s two child policy.

The reforms came into place earlier this month, limiting child tax credits to two children unless a woman can prove the subsequent children were born as a result of rape.

The rally was organised in protest to the law in an attempt to put pressure on the Conservative government to scrap the family cap.

Credit: Kristopher Eskdale

SNP MPs were in attendance at the rally to condemn the “disgusting” policy against women.

Glasgow SNP MP Alison Thewliss has been campaigning in protest against the rape clause since plans were first announced.

Tonight she criticised the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson for her silence.

She said: “The fact that women have to demonstrate in George Square in 2017 against such a barbaric and vile policy is bad enough. What’s worse is the wall of silence these women are being faced with.

“Just this afternoon [Ruth Davidson] said “the Scottish Government should just mitigate it”. If she thinks it worth mitigating she should get on the phone to Theresa May and tell her to scrap the two child policy, scrap the rape clause and do it now.”

Thewliss praised the women’s organisations across the country who refused to support the government in implementing the policy.

The MP’s attempts to hold an emergency debate over the controversial policy in Westminster before the law came into force were rejected in March.

Mhairi Black, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, called for the UK Government to put an end to the law that will hit the poorest the hardest.

She said: “Not only are we all rightly disgusted at the fact that anyone has to declare and re-live probably the most horrific event in her life all for the sake of a few pound, all for the sake of a benefit to help raise a child.

“But let’s remember that the policy itself is disgraceful, even without the rape clause. I’ve heard all the arguments that say poor people shouldn’t be having children they can’t afford – I’ve heard all that rubbish and I have to say that statement is as inaccurate as it is callous and cold.

“So until the day that we are no longer at the mercy of the politicians unaccountable to us, women have to start standing up for themselves and say to the UK government enough is enough.”

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