Five Twitter accounts to follow in the run-up to the General Election

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Ed Miliband
You can see the savagery behind Ed’s eyes. Credit: The Mirror

Another month, another election… or so it feels like. With a General Election coming up barely two years after the last one, it can be difficult to wade through the political guff when there’s only seven weeks to the big vote and barely any momentum. But do not fear – I have hand-picked five Twitter accounts that are sifting through the promises and controversies for you. All you need to do is tap follow and make up your mind before June 8.

Who are they? Jamie Ross/@JamieRoss7 – Scotland Reporter for BuzzFeed News

Why should I follow them? A reporter for BuzzFeed News who mainly covers politics and news stories, Jamie Ross provides a Scottish perspective on the crazy happenings in both Scottish and UK politics.

Worth following for: His witty commentary on often dull party events.

Expect tweets like:


Who are they? Ed Miliband/@Ed_Miliband – Labour MP for Doncaster North

Why should I follow them? Once the leader of the Labour Party, the more cartoony of the Miliband brothers is back and sassier than ever. He’s standing for re-election in June, and expect his unique savagery on all the big issues.

Worth following for: Sass that would have won him the last General Election.

Expect tweets like:


Who are they? Malcom Tucker/@Tucker5law – Malcolm Tucker parody account

Why should I follow them? Everyone’s favourite sweary spin doctor from the BBC’S The Thick of It commenting on real life politics – what’s not to love?

Worth following for: Some class Tuckeresque insults towards the politicians you love to hate.

Expect tweets like:


Who are they? Neil Slorance/@neilslorance – Glasgow-based cartoonist

Why should I follow them? Neil Slorance is becoming well-known for his cute and colourful cartoons. After a spell drawing for STV, he now provides a weekly cartoon for The Nationalist newspaper.

Worth following for: Cute cartoons of your favourite political figures.

Expect tweets like:


Who are they? Brig Newspaper/@BrigNewspaper – University of Stirling’s Student Newspaper

Why should I follow them? Your student newspaper will be keeping you updated throughout the General Election and beyond (while juggling studying and assignments – we really do work hard for our readers!)

Worth following for: Analysis and comment on the latest political updates.

Expect tweets like:

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