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Car parking rebate now available to students

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Photo: Hannah McNicol

Students hit hard by parking permit hikes this year can now apply for a rebate for the time they are not using the facilities at the university.

The announcement was made this morning by VP Education Matt Adie, who has been working closely with Estates and Campus Services throughout the year.

Students simply email Estates and Campus Services and request a rebate for the months they will not be spending on campus during the summer break.

In an interview, Matt Adie said that, following the price hike and reduction in permit options, “we met with Estates and Campus Services to try and offset the cost for students.

“Not only does it have a negative impact on students, but it has a negative impact on some more than others, particularly those on placement, those off campus for long periods of time, and generally students who commute or live on campus.

“By April, most students are only coming up once or twice for an exam or for a day’s studying, but they’re paying for parking throughout that. We decided that there would be an opportunity for a pro-rata rebate, so students can apply to have a portion of their parking permit refunded to them”.

Prices rose by a third at the start of the year, and charges now extend throughout the summer break, meaning staff, students and the public must pay for parking whilst the university is on leave.

In an interview as part of Brig‘s Mental Health May coverage, Adie said there were reviews taking place to better structure timetabling for students; not only to ease pressure during exam time for students, but also the pressures on parking and the library on certain days.

Adie said: “It used to be Tuesdays and Thursdays were bad, now Mondays and Wednesdays are just as bad. It seems only Fridays are when the pressure eases”.

Students can apply by emailing

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