Dating apps put to the test

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Ever wondered if the online dating world might harbor your future bae? Now that summer is only a few weeks away you are just in time to find your summer fling.  Here are five of the most popular dating apps put to the test, helping you on your way to that white wedding.

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OkCupid  ❤❤
Let’s start off with one of the biggest dating apps out there. If 30 million others clicked the download button, why shouldn’t you? Besides filling in some standard information about your gender and age, you get a few more personal questions. After that you are on your way.

You will soon find out you have made a gross mistake. The potential partners OkCupid sent my way were, to say the least, not my cup of tea. While the personality match is a nice feature, it would help if you could find people who you’d actually like to match with.

Tinder  ❤❤❤
The Justin Bieber of dating apps, you kind of love it but do you have it for others to see? The concept of Tinder is easy and to the point. You swipe left if it’s a no; you swipe right, it’s a hell yeah. The array of possible candidates is diverse, but not hopeless.

While it might take you at least 20 minutes of intense swiping, you will stumble upon that one cutie you’d love to drink a cup of tea with. Only problem? For some reason, actual conversations hardly ever happen. The ‘keep playing’ option is just too tempting. You never know if there might be something better out there.

Happn  ❤❤❤❤

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What we have right here is a diamond in the rough. While Scotland has not picked up on this app yet, other European countries have embraced its unorthodox ways. Instead of finding matches based on proximity, you find the people you’ve crossed paths with. For instance, that day you drooled over that gorgeous creature picking up parsnips in the grocery aisle? If said creature also owns a Happn account, you will see them pop up on your feed.

Feed you say? Yes, instead of swiping left or right you get an overview of all the people you have crossed paths with. Giving you all the time you need to make up your mind. Only negative aspect of this app? For one, you need to leave your house. Secondly, hardly anyone in Scotland seems to use it, leaving you with little to no possible matches.

Bumble  ❤❤❤❤❤
Do you tend to be attracted to pretty people? Read no further, since the number of breathtaking humans on this app is suspiciously high. The only catch? Girls always make the first move and they should do so within 24 hours. Breaking gender roles has never been this easy.

If you are however a man who likes the chase or the girl who loves to be courted, you might want to skip this one. Small insider tip for the ladies; there are a whole lot of available doctors and lawyers in the Bumble atmosphere.

Plenty of fish  ❤
Instead of saving the best for last, I give you the worst. Not only were my possible suiters surprisingly unattractive, there was just no way of stopping them. While all the other dating apps required you to match with someone before messages could be sent, POF gave everyone a free pass.

While the majority got really creative with a groundbreaking “Hi”, some others used more colourful chat up lines. Some of my favorites are “did I see you walking to Pathfoot today?”  to “do you want to be my girlfriend?” That last one was repeated nine times, since I didn’t respond.

You know the best part? Plenty of Fish does not allow you to delete your account within 24 hours. Meaning this terrifying bombardment of messages lasted 1440 minutes which I’ll never get back.

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