The trends for this summer

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Trend lovers, rejoice! In case you ever needed an excuse to revamp your wardrobe, summer is here. This year we see a lot of classic trends coming back in modern shapes; think florals, brights and unexpected bits of skin.  Here is a quick overview of this year’s staple pieces.


Source: Topshop , Monki , New Look

Brights make an obvious cameo each summer, but this year it is all about yellow. With the sun being the real mvp during this season, it only makes sense to make her the focal point of an outfit. After seeing loads of coppery tones in the fall/ winter season, all you need is a brighter version and you’re ready for the sweltering heat.

Floral Fab

Source: Topshop , New Look , Asos

“Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.”
While The Devil Wears Prada will always have a special place in my fashion heart, florals can not be left out. And thank god they aren’t. This year florals are everywhere, from gorgeous off the shoulder dresses, to kimono’s, and feisty little sets. Channeling your inner bohemain is going to be a piece of cake with one of these funky floral options.

Shoulder Sass

Source: Topshop , Monki , New Look

A personal favorite, the shoulder show off. One of the classiest ways to show a bit skin and simultaneously combat bra strap tanlines. This trend was already in full force during last season and now from light cotton dresses to show stopping crop tops, we can see that it’s clearly here to stay. This trend has even been incorporated in some swimwear pieces. There is no escaping.


Statement Stripes

Source: Topshop ,  New Look , Zara

While stripes always work, this summer it is all about taking it to a statement level. Whether you do it by incorporating colors, funky designs or modernising a classic look, bring your A game. The trained eye might have noticed how many trends work amazingly togheter with some looks even combining all of the trends mentioned. This summer is one where you can endlessy mix and match just a couple of pieces into drasticly different, but fab looks.

Metallic Mayhem

Source: ZaraAsos , New Look

While the previous trends worked together like a charm, this one is bit trickier. Metallic is an amazing showtopper that tends to thrive best in combination with basic and muted tones. Sunkissed skin does look amazing with it, which makes this trend all the more worth it. Whether or not it is the comfiest and most sweat-proof? That is still up for debate.

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  1. Summer is around the corner and we need to be ready for it. Florals, stripes, pink, yellow, ruffles, shoulder sass and metallic mayhem are the big trends that we can’t miss in this hot summer.

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