Jurassic Kingdom comes to Glasgow

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The Glasgow Botanic Gardens are to be reinvented as a real-life Jurassic Park this August and September, as over 30 immense life-size animatronics will be introduced to their new roaming grounds.

The dinosaur show and exhibition, organised by Jurassic Kingdom, promises to be both educational and entertaining, as the anatomy, behaviour, and historical overview is given for the numerous different species.

credit: Skiddle

Jurassic Kingdom have released a 20% early bird discount code, which can be found on their Facebook page for a limited time, and the tickets can be bought here.

Prices range from £10.60 to £12.80, and the exhibition will be hosted at the Botanic Gardens from August 26 to September 10, with many of the days already sold out.

The daily event will be held from 10am to 6pm, and there will be numerous street food carts, vendors, and souvenir shops onsite as well.

Additionally, a VR experience can be purchased at the marquee, with a range of dinosaur-related gaming experiences to choose from, to enjoy from your own simulator chair.

More info on the show and the Jurassic Kingdom UK tour here.



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