Full line-up for Freshers Week 2017

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With the famous F-pass officially on sale since 10am this morning, Brig is here to help sum up what the Union has planned for Freshers Week 2017, otherwise known as the best week of your lives.

If you’re staying in university accommodation as a fresher, move-in day will be Saturday, September 9 and is when the fun will officially begin.

Especially if this is your first move away from home, it’s perfect for initial flatmate bonding and keeping your mind off the fact that you’re probably incredibly nervous and may or may not have cried as you said goodbye to your parents that afternoon. Just throw yourself into it, I promise it won’t be as scary as you thought!

Just don’t go too crazy because the events only get better throughout the week and you don’t want to crash and burn after the first night, even more so if you’ve dedicated yourself to the F-pass full week access. Nothing makes a hangover feel worse than the fact you’ve already paid to be somewhere you aren’t.

Saturday, September 9 – The White T-shirt Welcome Party

From 10pm to 3am it’s the official freshers welcome party, complete with white freshers t-shirts, facepaint, UV lights, and glowsticks. Probably also the only time you’ll consciously decide to wear a white shirt on a night out, because if someone knocks into you and you end up with your vodka cranberry down your shirt it’s not a disaster, but more of a souvenir.

Sunday, September 10 – Junk Tape

Wow you crazy child, a party on a Sunday? Yes, but don’t worry, set from 10 pm to 2 am, you’ll have a whole extra hour to spend not wanting to go home to bed.

With “music as you’ve never seen it before”, Junk Tape is a combination of everything from hip hop to house, complete with quirky and fun pop culture videos displayed in the background. If I remember correctly, last year they played ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical, and everyone lost whatever dignity they had for the approximately two to three minutes they enthusiastically yelled the words at the person next to them. It was awesome.

Monday, September 11 – Freshers Ceilidh

As a native Scot, this event will be a classic, and as a non-native it’ll be a word that you honestly have no idea how to go about pronouncing. I’ve found that if you just go around saying “you know that dance thing on Monday”, people will understand and hopefully also pronounce it correctly a few times so you can catch on.

Go along for a slightly earlier night of Scottish dancing and hopefully cute new dance partners.

Tuesday, September 12 – Chuckle Brothers

Coming to you as a real throwback event are beloved children’s entertainers Barry Elliott and Paul Elliott, better known as Barry and Paul Chuckle of the Chuckle Brothers duo. Their BBC show ChuckleVision, complete with slapstick comedy and catchphrases, launched them into years of success, and finally the day has come where you get to sing along with them. With a live performance and meet & greet in a free photobooth, this Cheesy Tuesday is not to be missed.

Oh dear, oh dear, the Chuckle Brothers are here!

Wednesday, September 13 – Jack Maynard

With over 1.1 million followers, this YouTube sensation is another celebrity on our 2017 Freshers Week line up. According to his YouTube description, he’s “22, a Sagittarius, a keen content creator, a DJ, a Presenter, enjoys long walks along the beach and likes to party”. Although I’m sure we all enjoy walks on the beach, Jack’s here to prove his DJ and partying skills to you all, hopefully guaranteeing a particularly epic freshers hump day.

Thursday, September 14 – Cascada

Back due to popular demand, I’m sure no one will be looking to “evacuate the dance floor” when this lady makes her way on stage. Ignoring my horrible joke, Cascada will be here to break out all her greatest dance hits from “What Hurt’s the Most” to “Everytime We Touch”, ensuring an epic night to remember (hopefully, please drink responsibly).

Friday, September 15 – The Big Freshers Quiz

Get to know your Sabbatical Officers and your friends as you compete to win prizes alongside special guest Shaun Wallace. Also known as the ‘Dark Destroye’ this chaser is known for his ability to take down contestants, but hey, maybe the University of Stirling is where he’ll finally meet his match. The event begins at 8pm and allows for teams of up to ten participants.

Saturday, September 16 – The Midnight Beast

Stef, Dru and Ash make up the British comedy/parody music group called The Midnight Beast. With the group’s songs having over 81 million combined views on their YouTube channel, TMB’s first breakthrough to mainstream recognition was in December 2009 with their viral parody of Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’. Not only did it have major success with viewers/listeners, but Ke$ha herself even went on to tweet, “holy s**t. this is better than my version”.

Sunday, September 17 – Comedy Night

It’s the final night of Freshers Week 2017, and it’s time to wind down a week of partying with the always-lovely comedy night. Here to provide some laughs this year is Ed Gamble, with support from Hayley Ellis and Stuart Mitchell. Ed’s stand-up performances are said to contain a lot of observational comedy, often aimed at himself, and at the end of a high intensity week, I can’t think of anything better.


Every year the Student’s Union at the University of Stirling works incredibly hard to set Freshers Week up to be the best it can be. Now all you have to do is go and enjoy it!

For more information or questions you can head over to the “Official Stirling Freshers 2017” Facebook group or www.stirlingstudentsunion.com/fpass to get your F-pass now.

All photos credit: Stirling Students Union

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