Kitchen fire causes evacuation of Fraser of Allander

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Credit: David McKay

A fire caused the evacuation of Fraser of Allander this evening.

Students were evacuated from the building, with the cause being put down to a small kitchen fire.

One source told Brig it was due to burnt pasta, which a student failed to deal with safely.

The students all managed to quickly and safely evacuate and gathered in the cafe in Willow Court while they waited for the all clear to renter

Two fire engines and a number of firefighters arrived at the residence at roughly 8.05 pm, and are reported to have tackled the fire within minutes.

They then went on to clear the rest of the building, with students being cleared to reenter the building at approximately 8.19 pm.

There are no reports of any injuries in the incident. More information will be provided as and when we receive it.

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