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Summer is over. It’s a sad time. Let’s all mourn. Alright, enough mourning. This summer saw the release of some truly awesome albums from a wide range of artists so here’s my rundown of the best music to come out this summer.

Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?


I covered Royal Blood’s sophomore release earlier on in summer for Brig and it’s never left my Spotify playlist. It’s hard-hitting, punchy and everything you would expect from the boys. Sadly, though, if it’s anything like after the first album was released, we will have a long wait until the next new music from Royal Blood. But they have left us with some absolute bangers.

Top three tracks:

Hole in your Heart

She’s Creeping

Hook, Line and Sinker

Oh Wonder – Ultralife


These guys are truly special. If you’ve never listened to them, you should change that now. This alt-pop duo knows how to create amazingly soft and dreamy-sounding music. Their first album, a compilation of music they had been creating for a year, took the world by storm and after a little break from touring they are back with their second album, Ultralife.

The album feels like a response to the worldwide fame they have gained, but still feels true to their origins throughout, with an ethereal quality resonating across the twelve songs. Easily a highlight of the summer’s music.

Top three tracks:


Bigger Than Love


Canadian Softball – Awkward and Depressed


 So, this one is a little bit different, and by a little, I mean a lot. Canadian Softball is the brainchild of YouTuber Jared Alonge, who is a comedian, singer, songwriter and vlogger. His channel is an array of sketch comedy, misheard lyrics and his own music.

Awkward and Depressed is the second full-length album he has released but the first under the moniker Canadian Softball. It is rather complicated, but the gist of the album is that it’s a modern pop-punk joy ride. It is filled with enjoyable punk tunes, while also filling another role completely unexpectedly – that of comedy. The album is quite the treat to listen to.

Top three tracks:

Great Again

Ohio is for Emo Kids

Your Validation

Superfruit – Future Friends Part One


If you are looking for an album that oozes summer then this is the one for you. Superfruit is comprised of two members of the vocal harmony group Pentatonix, and you can hear the influences throughout.

Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi started Superfruit as a comedy channel that then moved into making music but these guys know their stuff. It is vibrant, glossy, bubble-gum pop at its best and betters most of the summer’s albums due to the vocal harmonies the guys can create. It is summer boiled down into 23 minutes.

Top three tracks:

Imaginary Parties

Future Friends


 alt-J – Relaxer


Relaxer was one of those albums that slowly grew on me over time. I loved the traditional quirky alt-pop-rock tones of In Cold Blood and Deadcrush almost immediately after listening, but the more acquired taste of 3WW and Adeline took its time to sit right with me.

alt-J always seem to smash it out of the park album after album, and this addition to their catalogue is no different. Also, their beautiful cover of House of the Rising Sun needs a mention. It’s almost haunting in its sound but compliments the album to no end.

Top three tracks:


House of the Rising Sun

In Cold Blood


And that’s your lot, five truly awesome albums that made my summer. If you had a listen to any of these, let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


The top tracks from each of Cameron’s chosen albums can be heard at Brig’s Freshers 2017 Spotify playlist:


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