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Eyelash extensions: why they are your best friend

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Now that Freshers Week is on full throttle, it may be relevant to introduce something that could save you lots of time, ladies. Let’s talk about eyelash extensions.

Since J-Lo spoke out about wearing real mink eyelash extensions at the Academy Awards in 2001, the beauty trend has exploded. Their reputation is so popular amongst celebrities Kim Kardashian has a style of extensions named after her, although she claims to never have had them done.

She also denies having derriere implants; you be the judge. Now, more aestheticians are beginning to offer the treatment, and eyelash extensions are reaching their peak popularity amongst “mere mortals” – and being a lash enthusiast and certified technician, I can’t see why they wouldn’t be popular.

Without needing plastic surgery or permanently modifying your body, you can shamelessly indulge in a celebrity beauty secret that will actually make your life easier.

If you’re waiting for a reason to take the plunge, take your pick from this list:

1. They last for up to eight whole weeks

That is two months. Mascara lumps up, sticks together, itches, and needs to be both applied and removed extremely thoroughly, taking up a fair chunk of time and energy. It seriously damages your eyelashes and contains far too many chemicals.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to never have to worry about all this again? Extensions will last up to two months, and have absolutely no uncomfortable or unsafe cons.

Everything used in the eyelash extension treatment has been tested and is safe. Getting them is a luxury, but buys you time and energy and is so much healthier.

2. They will never go limp or get bent (unlike you on Tiki Thursday) 

The real mink extensions used by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez are gorgeous, but harder to maintain and much more expensive – thus, synthetic versions have been developed.

These are what all lash technicians use now, and are just as beautiful and flattering as the morally questionable mink variety. Plus, they stay curly literally forever, so girl, don’t you even think about using an eyelash curler on these babies.

Via Nathalie Hollede

3. They are super affordable 

I have cut down on my makeup costs by £20 per month, and each month I pay £15 to get my lashes done. We pay double figures for a “good” mascara that goes rancid in a month – although I see you using it for more, don’t lie.

Plus, as mentioned, mascara kills your lashes, so you will probably end up investing in some lash serum or extensions when all your lashes have fallen out after Freshers anyway.

In Glasgow and Edinburgh you should expect to pay up to £80 for the first set. I offer them for £65, but run student promotions for £35. You won’t need to pay this price each time, as when you go in to get them filled in every two to four weeks, the price will be about half, depending on how many extensions you have left. Give them some love, and they will stick around.

4. You are paying to take a nap break from studying and partying

Let’s think about this one for a bit. You are essentially saving time, spending your money more wisely, getting beautiful lashes, and getting a nap out of it too? I must still be dreaming. This is 99% why I made the choice to get them done, and a certificate to do them for others as well.

Via Nathalie Hollede

5. Don’t pay attention to scare images

Okay, this one is serious. There are horror stories about eyelash extensions ruining lives, and disgusting photos are spreading on the internet blaming the treatment when the real reason for the negative rumours is questionable personal care.

Maintenance is a breeze, and the only rule is to get nothing near them (yes, as in no showers either) for as little as four hours if the tech uses a mister device. After this, you can pretty much do whatever you want except use oils around your eyes.

They’re meant to stay on for as long as your natural eyelashes do. The longevity can depend on your level of hygiene, but also your hormones – during your period, they will not retain as well.

Washing your face at least with water, salt water (let the tears flow), or face wash once a day is sufficient. You will likely receive a free mascara brush to brush them with.

Via Nathalie Hollede

 6. You will get a personalised look  

You can completely relax. Most technicians are trained to analyse your face and eye shape to determine which combination of lengths, thickness, curl, and volume will suit your face.

However, if you must go to someone untrained, here is a secret that will catch the fraud off guard: you can personalise your look down to a millimetre – literally. Technicians usually offer lengths from six to 14 millimetres.

We have the J curl, L curl, L+ curl, B curl, C curl, CC curl, D curl, O curl – and the list goes on. Whether you want dramatically curly lashes, or natural ones, the choice is yours.

Also, there are at least six different thicknesses. If they are too thick, they will be uncomfortable, and this is not how they should feel. You don’t ever have to worry about any of this, as long as you make sure the person you go to is certified!

7. Alternative options 

If you don’t enjoy naps or lying down for a therapeutic couple of hours of ASMR treatment, you can get a lash lift, which lifts all your lashes and curls them using a non-harmful perming lotion, and takes just 45 minutes.

You can also buy lash serums from your lash tech, which require daily application and can be more pricey than extensions, because they actually work. All options are totally safe, and totally worth it; trust me, you will not regret it when getting home at four in the morning and being able to rub your eyes shamelessly before going straight to sleep.

Panda eyes no more.


Go on, flutter those eye-wings and fly away to your best life. There is no longer a need to choose between a social life, grades, and sleep.


A friend and lash tech.

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Welcome to my hectic, mixed world. I lack bias like it is a disease. Former Editor at Brig Newspaper, Psychology & English student, autoimmune.

Welcome to my hectic, mixed world. I lack bias like it is a disease. Former Editor at Brig Newspaper, Psychology & English student, autoimmune.

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