Umami – the new pan-Asian campus eatery

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In the spanking new wooden interior of the INTO building foyer now sits a cozy new café, serving fresh Asian-inspired dishes.

Umami – loosely translated as the fifth taste that your tongue receptors are susceptible to, on top of sour, sweet, salty and bitter – is open for early morning grabs of rolls, omelettes and yoghurts, as well as lunches and late afternoon meals of hot soups and noodle dishes made to order on the spot.

credit: INTO Stirling

The menu options change frequently, but will usually consist of a choice of red meat, chicken or veggie/tofu, as well as different kinds of noodles and a selection of sauces. There are also some authentic Asian desserts on offer, as well as far-eastern refreshments such as bamboo water – which is delicious.

On the two occasions I’ve had lunch here, I tried the teriyaki chicken noodles from the noodle bar, the spicy vegetable soup, and the tofu sweet chili rice noodles. The teriyaki meal was especially delicious, but all three were good and clearly very fresh, grease-free and cooked properly.

A charming little sides section also lets you customise your dish with chilli flakes, various fresh herbs, green onion and prawn crackers.

The eating area, too, with its wooden flooring, paneling, wooden benches and bright sofas is a warm, welcome change from other, more industrial spots on campus.

A delicious lunch at Umami is only a fiver, understandably making it very popular, very quickly. As a result, waiting times during the lunch rush can get somewhat lengthy, with only two chefs working the noodle bar orders.

However, the food served here is very good and is great value for money, so make sure to head over to the new INTO building behind Logie for a bite.

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