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Throughout the day, Brig’s sport team will be keeping you updated with events from the inaugural Fubar 10s competition. Check back for updates!

16.55: Not quite the perfect end for Stirling then, but a hugely successful day at the Airthrey Pitches. We hope you’ve enjoyed our live coverage from today, and look forward to bringing you more live sport throughout the year. Check out our dedicated Brig Sport Facebook page for more, and have a great evening.

16.51: FULL TIME – Stirling 1s 7-10 Aberdeen

16.34: HALF TIME – Stirling 1s 0-10 Aberdeen. Big second half required from the men in green…

16.24: We are underway in the final!1505921060446-1842804874.jpg

16.15: So it’ll be Stirling against Aberdeen in the inaugural Fubar Rugby 10s final, coming your way shortly!

16.14: FULL TIME – Aberdeen 29-12 Dundee

16.12: FULL TIME – Stirling 1s 22-5 Stirling 2s

16.00: HALF TIME – Aberdeen 14-5 Dundee

15.59: HALF TIME – Stirling 1s 15-0 Stirling 2s

15.48: In true 10s style, a lack of away kit means the Stirling 2s are wearing the famous ‘turn your home shirt inside out’ jersey…

15.47: Cup semi finals now! Dundee v Aberdeen, as well as a Stirling derby!

15.44: FULL TIME – Fubar BaBas 12-34 Glasgow 2s. Glasgow win the Bowl competition!

15.33: HALF TIME – Fubar BaBas 5-19 Glasgow 2s

15.20: The Bowl final is underway!

15.17: A break before the semi finals, so let me welcome the two newest members of the Brig Sport team…


15.15: FULL TIME – Stirling 2s 29-12 Stirling Accies

15.10: FULL TIME – Aberdeen 43-5 Glasgow 2s

15.03: HALF TIME – Stirling 2s 17-7 Stirling Accies

14.57: HALF TIME – Aberdeen 19-0 Glasgow 2s

14.50: Crowds gathering on the touchline for the all-Stirling quarter final between the 2s and 3s!15059154276262011387681.jpg

14.49: FULL TIME – Dundee 10-5 Strathclyde 2s. Last gasp drama as Dundee steal it at the death!

14.43: FULL TIME – Stirling 1s 38-14 Napier

14.35: A ‘cheeky’ score from Napier to restart the game, away like a flash down the wing…

14.34: HALF TIME – Dundee 0-0 Strathclyde 2s. All to play for…

14.31: HALF TIME – Stirling 1s 21-7 Napier

14.20: Up next, the Cup Quarter finals, featuring all three Stirling teams!

14.19: FULL TIME – Glasgow 3s 34-0 RGU

14.17: FULL TIME – Strathclyde 3s 12-14 Fubar BaBas

14.03: HALF TIME – Glasgow 3s 15-0 RGU

14.03: HALF TIME – Strathclyde 3s 5-5 Fubar BaBas

13.51: Knockout stages are just about to start – Strathclyde 3s v Fubar BaBas and Glasgow 3s v RGU in the Bowl semifinals!

13.37: Group stages are finished, so we’re going to take a short break. In the meantime, check out Brig Bleeds Green on our dedicated Brig Sport Facebook page! We’ll be back soon.

13.26: The Kick off is upon us…1505910413937408742531.jpg

13.25: FULL TIME – Fubar BaBas 0-44 Aberdeen

13.17: Drama! Two teams are level on points, so there will be a place-kick shootout to determine who qualifies for the cup semi-finals…

13.13: Apologies for the slight delay in updates – however, we can confirm the quality of the square slice and tattie scones…15059096021511528290684.jpg

13.12: HALF TIME – Fubar BaBas 0-19 Aberdeen

13.08: FULL TIME – Stirling 2s 22-0 Strathclyde 3s

12.58: Apologies to any RGU fans out there…

12.58: FULL TIME – Stirling 1s 74-0 RGU

12.55: HALF TIME: Stirling 2s 12-0 Strathclyde 3s

12.48: Half time weather update from the Brig team…


12.45: HALF TIME – Stirling 1s 38-0 RGU. Massive half from the boys in green!

12.44: FULL TIME – Glasgow 2s 31-33 Napier. What a game!

12.31: FULL TIME: Aberdeen 22-0 Stirling Accies

12.30: HALF TIME – Glasgow 2s 12-12 Napier

12.18: HALF TIME – Stirling Accies 0-15 Aberdeen

12.17: FULL TIME – Glasgow 3s 10-14 Strathclyde 3s. Contentious result, apparently…

12.03: FULL TIME – Strathclyde 2s 33-7 RGU

12.02: HALF TIME – Glasgow 3s 5-7 Strathclyde 3s

11.50: HALF TIME – RGU 0-19 Strathclyde 2s

11.49: FULL TIME – Napier 5-10 Dundee

11.42: Packed crowd on the touchline!


11.37: HALF TIME – Napier 0-5 Dundee. In that half though, RGU HAVE ARRIVED!

11.26: Little bit of a delay on one of the pitches, as we’re still waiting for RGU to make the trek down from Aberdeen. Napier and Dundee are in full swing though!

11.25: So unbeknownst to us, UWS pulled out prior to the tournament this week… Stirling Accies have stepped in pretty impressively though!

11.24: Stirling 2s 29-0 Glasgow 3s

11.22: FULL TIME – Stirling Accies 38-7 Fubar BaBas

11.11: HALF TIME – Stirling 2s 17-0 Glasgow 3s

11.07: HALF TIME – Stirling Accies 12-5 Fubar BaBas

10.55: FULL TIME – Dundee 24-12 Glasgow 2s

10.54: FULL TIME – Stirling 1s 32-5 Strathclyde 2s

10.42: HALF TIME – Dundee 12-12 Glasgow 2s

10.40: HALF TIME – Stirling 1s 15-0 Strathclyde 2s

10.29: First games of the day are about to get underway! IMG_20170920_102904.jpg

10.20: All teams have now arrived, so action should be getting underway shortly!

10.05: Welcome to the Fubar 10s! Teams are just beginning to arrive on the Airthrey Pitches – the first fixture has been delayed, apparently due to a broken down bus. We’ll keep you posted though.


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