Stirling to host Runrig’s ‘Last Dance’

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This afternoon (September 26) the renowned Gaelic band Runrig announced that they will be parting ways after 45 years with a string of European tour dates next year, culminating in a final concert in Stirling.

The Gaelic trailblazers will say “Mar sin leat!” on Saturday August 18 to fans at the City Park, beneath the ramparts of Stirling Castle – a venue newly created for live events.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Runrig said:

“Taking the decision in 2015 to record the final studio album, The Story, was a positive decision for us all. It was musically cathartic, creatively exciting, and it brought our recording career to a completed circle. It was very much a closing statement. We want to do the same for the live side of the band. To leave it unresolved would be a negative: to complete the circle with a series of farewell shows and celebrate our story together is the positive, meaningful, Runrig thing to do.”

The tour, aptly named ‘The Final Mile’ will see them play dates in Germany and Denmark before returning home to Stirling, the heart of Scotland, for ‘The Last Dance’.

Fans should expect a spectacular celebration of their 45-year career, with one of the biggest concerts they’ve ever played. However, after recent speculation, Donnie Munro (the former lead singer) has denied there have been any plans for a reunion with the band… so maybe don’t expect to see him there.

The band also claims to have some legacy projects in the pipeline to be announced in the near future so watch this space.

Tickets for Runrig’s ‘The Last Dance’ at Stirling City Park go on sale at 10am on Friday September 29 and there will be standing and seated tickets available.

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