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Monopoly launches Stirling edition

Monopoly has launched a Stirling edition of the famous game.

Credit: Monopoly.

You might soon be passing the Stirling Old Town Jail and Stirling Castle whilst trying to prise the University of Stirling from your relative’s clutches, with each of them featuring in the latest edition of Monopoly to hit the shelves.

The new version, launched at Stirling Castle this morning, will see the famous 34 London landmarks replaced with Stirling landmarks. The university has its own square too, with the landmarks being chosen by the public.

Following the announcement in the summer, the Scottish Parliament said: “Parliament congratulates Stirling on being awarded its own Monopoly board,” and it “considers Stirling is a wonderful city with fantastic scenery and tourist attractions.”

The new board will have a unique feature – two jails, with the Old Town Jail and the original Monopoly jail both occupying spaces on the board.

Other landmarks include the Bridge of Allan train station, the Stirling Old Bridge, Forth Valley College, Stirling train station, the Stirling Observer, the Thistles Centre and The Birds and Bees.

The game officially “passed Go” at 9.05am, and the game is currently retailing at just under £30 for pre-order.

Astrid Smallenbroek, President of Stirling Students’ Union, said: “Monopoly is one of the world’s most iconic board games and it is great to see the University of Stirling feature in this new, special edition of the game.

“As one of Scotland’s most historic cities, I can think of no other better deserving of its own Monopoly game – and I am delighted that the university will be featured on the board on one of the prestigious green lots.

“I trust this new game is going to be popular with the people of Stirling and among the university’s staff and students alike.”

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