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Let me make one thing clear: this all started thanks to a video of a woman singing at cows. In case you were wondering what ‘this’ is, it is me writing sentences and you reading them.  I’ve been told this concept is called a ‘column’. To make a long story short, I’m starting one. I recommend you hit play before you continue reading, it sets the right tone.

See, I have been an editor for Brig for some time now, and a lot of my minutes are spent reading and correcting other people’s work. While it has undoubtedly taught me an awful lot, I concluded this Monday that I spend more time reading than actually writing.

This brings me back to the cows. Firstly, an important question: do you know that cows love to cuddle? Or that you can get a cow upstairs but not downstairs? Or that the video of the singing lady is starting to lightly enrage me? I’m taking a wild guess here, but something tells me you didn’t know. That is where this column comes in. It is my duty to enlighten people about important facts. Or in other words, I’m keeping you in the loop.

Besides me saving people from all walks of life from leading an uninformed existence, it also forces me to write more. Of course, me writing more comes secondary to the main goal of this bimonthly column; universal enlightenment.

In the end, they say it is about what you give back to the world. Since I’m not planning on figuring out world peace anytime soon, this will do for now.

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