Brig crowns its Big Dog on Campus

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Back in September Brig launched its Big Dog on Campus competition.

We asked students to post pictures of their cute pooches on Instagram so that we could pick the best.

Our panel of Brig judges – Ross, Amy, Danni, Emma and Peter – have looked at your canines, and chosen their favourite.

Without further ado, let’s meet the top dogs and see who is the true BDOC.


Credit: @live.young_93

Meet Hiachi, aged 8.

Amy: “Spooked-out boy. There’s nothing creepier than mist over the loch.”

Danni: “Very cute dog but the picture is very dark.”

Emma: “Clearly working his posing skills, perfectly demonstrating the slight mysterious glance over the shoulder. Human could have worked on a better angle.”

Peter: “Beautiful dog, looks like he’s striking a candid pose! And a moody, misty looking Airthrey Loch providing a fine background.”

Ross: “A nice looking dog but it is kind of lost in the dullness of the photograph, and the photograph doesn’t really excite me.”

SCORE: 16/25

Credit: @live.young_93

Meet Labrador brothers Paddy aged 10 and Finn aged 9.

Amy: “Love the aesthetic. These are clearly cool boys.”

Danni: “Love the background and the only thing better than a picture of one dog is two dogs.”

Emma: “Suns out, tongues out! Ideal background with two lovely brothers.”

Peter: “Gorgeous happy faces, shiny coats and pink tongues! Don’t look a day over three!”

Ross: “Some very cool veteran dogs here, and I like the fact the picture is taken with the bright grass behind them.”

SCORE: 21.5/25

Credit: @teddys.toybox

Meet Labrador Teddy, aged 1.

Amy: “Such a proud-looking boy.”

Danni: “His face makes me laugh.”

Emma: “Not only is he adorable, but his face indicates that he was clearly also very patient with a very photo-keen human. ‘Ah fine one more, but that’s it!'”

Peter: “Unsure if bad timing on human’s part or if Teddy is going for a wistful look of bliss.”

Ross: “He has an incredibly smug face for a one year old pup, it’s like he knows what you’re thinking, or he knows he looks cool. Loses a point for composition.”

SCORE: 21/25


We’ve added up the scores, and decided that our BDOCs are… Paddy and Finn! Many congratulations to them and their owner.

I think one thing we can agree on, though, is that all of our entrants are very good boys.

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