Seven games that require a Stirling remake

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by Craig Wright

In case it’s somehow escaped your attention in the past couple of weeks, there’s a new board game in town.

The brand-new Stirling edition of Monopoly was recently launched at a reception held at Stirling Castle, with local attractions and businesses such as the Wallace Monument and the Thistles Centre filling the board’s famous colour spectrum of squares.

What if other games were to undergo a Stirling remake, however? Across the full range of gaming modes, here are a few suggestions…


We start with a classic. Usually played on a board consisting of a political map of the world, we narrow the focus right down to the greater Stirling area here. Take charge of the area surrounding the university as you aim to capture the surrounding territories in your quest for victory.

Bridge of Allan, Raploch and Bannockburn all feature, bringing a distinctly unique flavour to the game. Good luck trying to invade Whins of Milton though, since no-one seems exactly sure of where that territory is.

Madden NFL

Making our first trip into the world of electronic gaming, EA Sports’ wildly successful Madden franchise sees players take control of their favourite American Football team in the search for glory. What if you want a different challenge, however? What if you want to dominate, instead of simply compete?

Look no further than Madden NFL: Stirling Clansmen edition. You can even play the special ‘flashback’ mode and relive famous moments from the past few seasons, such as beating Durham in a thriller, winning the championship, and winning the championship again.

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Could a Stirling player grace next year’s edition? Credit:

Guess Who?

We’ve all been there. You walk into your first seminar of your time at university. You see all the faces. Your tutor asks you to go around introducing yourself with an interesting fact or a quick biography of yourself. You take note of who’s who, and then immediately forget as soon as you leave the room.

Well, no longer must this be the struggle, with the newly customisable Guess Who? Pair up with a friend as you try to put those names to the correct faces the night before the seminar, before ultimately deciding to watch Netflix instead.


For all those retro gamers out there, this is for you. Instead of the glamorous teams of world football gracing your green felt pitch, get back to ‘real football’.

Battle it out with a friend as Stirling Albion take on Stirling University FC in a titanic derby that will last for as long as it takes one of you to accidentally flick the ball underneath the sofa.

Hungry Hippos

Sticking with the retro theme, it’s almost like the University of Stirling’s campus was made for this game. Model the centre board on the loch, change the hippos to swans, and hey presto – you’ve got a (probable) instant best seller! There’s even room to make a spinoff version, featuring the loch’s own ducks. Never let it be said we don’t consider all forms of aquatic birdlife here at Brig.

Temple Run

One of the most wildly successful mobile games in recent years, the makers of Temple Run would have a field day with their Stirling edition. Set in the ancient, extremely confusing maze that is the Cottrell building, players just have to keep moving.

Which corridor is this? Do I go down this staircase or keep going? Where am I? What am I running for again? Does this building ever end?…

The Sims

Come on, we all know we’d want to play this. Guide your avatar through their university career as they look to balance academic work, a social life, society commitments, keeping fit and healthy, friendships and relationships, all the while trying to keep track of their money and avoid the dreaded hangover.

The most realistic Sims game yet, sources tell Brig that the game is expected to come with a restricted rating due to its intense similarity to real life, but “is definitely coming to shops in the near future. Maybe.”

Which games would you like to see remade for Stirling? Let us know in the comments!

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