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If you are a third year student looking to do an internship over the summer, you’ve come to the right place. The Saltire Scholar Internship Programme offers worldwide, fully-funded (paid!) internships to third year students from Scottish universities.

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Credit: Stacy Hendry

The Saltire Scholar Internship Programme matches high-potential undergraduates from Scottish universities with leading global and entrepreneurial companies, charities, social enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises – from New York to San Francisco to Singapore. It was created to find, fuel and spark the next generation of leaders in Scotland.

Coffee, cake and Saltire Internships

The closing date for Saltire Internship applications is Tuesday November 14. If you’re thinking of applying, then come along to the coffee and cake session on Thursday November 9, from 3pm – 5pm, in Room 3A1, Cottrell Building.

The first hour will give you the chance to meet some previous Stirling Saltire scholars and find out about their experiences. The second hour will give you in-depth advice on completing the application form. Book your place online at www.stirling.targetconnect.com

If you’re still not sure if this is for you, here are the accounts from four University of Stirling students who were successful in attaining an internship in the summer of 2017.

Jenny Brass – New York

I first heard about Saltire at the end of a lecture, when one of the student ambassadors did a presentation. I knew straight away I wanted to be a part of it. For anyone reading this who is thinking of applying next year, I won’t lie – it is a challenging and sometimes stressful process. You might get rejected, but the drive and reward at the end keeps you motivated!

Gust – the company I worked for – was completely different to all the others, not to mention based in New York!

Credit: Jenny Brass

I think I underestimated the impact Saltire could have over such a short time. In the process alone of applying I learnt so much in terms of structuring applications, Skype interviews (something I’d never done before) and experienced some knock backs when I didn’t get an internship I had applied for. That said, I am a firm believer in what is for you won’t go by you!

One of the best parts of the Saltire experience is the amazing people you meet through it, such as my fellow Stirling saltires, who have been a fantastic support, and all the other Saltires here in New York. I have definitely made so many new friends and that alone is lovely.

Saltire opens a door to that old saying ‘a once-in-a-life-time opportunity’ and I feel proud of myself for having been a part of it. I also found my dissertation project while on my internship so that was a bonus!

For anyone who is reading this and thinking of applying to Saltire later the year – DO IT! I have met some amazing friends through this process and had an internship that has taught me so much that I’ll use for the rest of my business career.

Stacy Hendry – Kentucky

I was honoured to be able to secure a fully funded marketing internship in Neogen Corporation based in Kentucky, USA for 8 weeks.

My internship was a unique experience to gain direct exposure into how a business operates on a regional and international level. One of my tasks was to create a slogan for a new product line and I was proactive. I came up with potential advertisement campaigns which could coincide with the slogans.

As I hadn’t known anyone to visit Kentucky, I wasn’t entirely certain how my experience was going to be. However, it exceeded my expectations and more. The people were so friendly and everyone in Neogen took me under their wing. I have had exposure to international business negotiations and the problems they face, extensive use of excel, enhanced my communication skills with all levels of management and lastly, my confidence has increased.Staceyyy

I managed to visit Abraham Lincolns Birth place, shoot 3 different types of guns, attended my first rodeo, tilted out a 1030ft building in Chicago, line danced in Nashville and so much more. I cannot thank Saltire enough for allowing me to have this incredible opportunity and be part of the Saltire Alumni for the rest of my career.

I would highly recommend students in their penultimate year to apply to the programme, it truly is once in a lifetime opportunity and will be one of the best summers of your life.

Nicole Dempster – Boston

My internship was based at Liberty Mutual Insurance in Boston, Massachusetts. I spent the summer working as a research intern within the Field Distributions team. I had the opportunity to work independently developing my analytical skills, while also working collaboratively on a number of projects with colleagues.

Working in a different country I feel has widened my perspective of the world of work, and has shown me the importance of a healthy work-life balance. It also provided me with an insight into a new culture. I was surprised by how relaxed and welcoming it was, especially when I attended my first meeting in Ben and Jerry’s.

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank, providing over 6,000 meals for the greater Boston community. Additionally, I took part in a sponsored Kayak across the river Charles for the Saltire Foundation. I also travelled to more than 10 states while I was in the US.

I have grown so much as an individual this summer, being able to use the research methods I had learned about whilst at university and put them into practice in my internship was hugely rewarding. Despite feeling slightly overwhelmed and daunted by the idea of leading my own project and creating recommendations for senior managers I was able to think logically and really increased my research skills.

Additionally, I believe my confidence in public speaking and presenting has also grown as I was able to challenge company lawyers and share my thoughts with senior managers. If you are considering applying for Saltire I honestly cannot recommend it more highly.

It really isn’t about grades or how wealthy you are, but rather strives to spark the next generation of leaders in Scotland and is focused on embracing potential.

If not for my Saltire internship I would have lacked confidence in myself and never have been inspired to make my dreams and ambitions become a reality.

Robynn Cole – Geneva

I interned with Barclays in Geneva, Switzerland as an Operations intern. Geneva was just an amazing city. I and my other Scholar roommate lived right next to Lake Geneva so we could go and sunbathe and swim at the lake whenever we pleased!

Credit: Robynn Cole

I became more confident, improved my corporate appearance, and learnt about so many passions of mine within the workplace through extra-curricular workshop activities. I met so many different people.

Saltire look at the qualities of you as a holistic individual and not a numerical aggregation of grades or superficial achievements. This is what attracted me the most – they make an investment into pools of talent.

If not for my Saltire internship, I would never have got the opportunity to achieve something as prominent as this, just from being myself and showcasing the qualities I own as a passionate and determined individual. Having people choose me based on my outlook, capabilities, passions, and enthusiasm was an opportunity I knew I couldn’t turn down.

Now is your chance to be those next generation of leaders.

TO APPLY: https://apply.saltireprogrammes.com/

TO FIND OUT MORE: https://www.entrepreneurialscotland.com/saltire-scholar-internship- programme-interns



To speak to our 2017 Stirling Scholar Brand Ambassadors who interned in Geneva, Kentucky, Boston AND New York – contact details are below:

Jenny Brass: jeb00046@students.stir.ac.uk

Nicole Dempster: ned00008@students.stir.ac.uk

Stacy Hendry: sth00050@students.stir.ac.uk

Robynn Cole: rcc00003@students.stir.ac.uk


For further information contact: rcc00003@students.stir.ac.uk

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