Four things you’ll understand if you’re a terrible gamer

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I’m often reluctant to describe myself as a gamer. Don’t get me wrong, I love video games, but I’ve never felt daring enough to change the difficulty setting to any harder than a medium. When people think of gamers, they often think of people who play COD multiplayer for a total of 45 days straight.

Taking multiple attempts to defeat the Hoodstomper in Rayman Hoodlum Havoc is acceptable when you’re seven years old. Struggling to progress past level 5 on Fallout 4 as an adult is something you might not want to share with everyone.

If you’re terrible at video games but still love them anyway, here are four things you can probably relate to.

1) Your expectations are incredibly lower than your friends

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If I get five kills on Halo, that’s a good day for me regardless of how many times I get killed myself. Meanwhile, my friends would be kicking themselves for only getting 20 kills in an entire game.

Making it to the world leaderboards is something I’ve accepted I’ll never come close to. It’s not something to lose sleep over, but at least achieving a double-figure kill score would be nice.

2) It takes you longer than normal to overcome challenges

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Defeating the first deathclaw in Fallout 4 took me more times than I care to admit. While this isn’t much an achievement for people who killed it on the first attempt, it’s still something I’m still proud of myself for.

Dark Souls probably isn’t the kind of game for people like us, but at least we can revel in the smaller victories of less challenging games.

3) You’re often the butt of your friends jokes

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Having a bad aim or struggling to complete a game that everyone else finished months ago is always hilarious to talented gamers. So I’ve been told, not seeing obvious ways to complete objectives is also a barrel of laughs.

4) People get frustrated playing with you on co-op mode

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Relating back to the last point, being terrible at games is something people always find funny until they’re relying on you to make progress. Even in a colourful game like New Super Mario Bros or something dark like COD zombies, it’s always entertaining to be the cause of their rage.

While I can understand why this is frustrating, they knew what the signed themselves up for when they took you on as player 2. It’s almost like a very twisted kind of payback for all the jokes they made.

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