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Need a break from studying but can’t stay away from the library for too long? Go for a walk. One hour in fresh air will boost your revision. Because the walk around the loch just reminds you of all the uni work it is better to head off campus.

There is a convenient hole in the stone wall behind the Willow Court, next to the Chalets. The sand road behind the hole takes you to the Sheriffmuir road which heads up towards the hills. Walking uphill keeps you warm even if the day is a little bit chilly.


Even though you are just outside the campus, you are suddenly in a rural scenery. The road is narrow and sheep stare at you from the grass fields. Familiar slopes of Dumyat rise against the blue sky. Let the wind wipe out all the stress and listen to the silence. Maybe you can spot snow on top of the hills.

You might have to give way to the odd car as you walk along the Sheriffmuir road. They are likely on their way to Pendreich Forest car park which is the starting point for Dumyat Hill Path Walk. Maybe you want to climb up Dumyat next time, but this time you should walk by. The next road to turn right after the car park is your route back to the campus.

After walking uphill for this long, the downhill feels great. Maybe you want to speed up your pace and compete with the Logie Burn, which runs next to the road. The road will take you down all the way to the Logie Old Kirk.


This historic site states back to 12th century, being one of the oldest parishes in Scotland. However, the Old Kirk, ruins which you can now visit, were built at the end of the 14th century. The ruin has been restored and there are some strange gravestones for you to find if you are not too eager to return to the library.

The Logie Old Kirk is right next to the campus but the official road goes a long way around. To get quickly back to the university, cross the Stirling Student’s Union Community Garden on the right-hand side. Walk down and then to the right on the gravel path and you will find yourself from the road leading to Alexander Court. Continue to the right towards the Airthrey Castle and Juniper Court.

Then, back to your books.


Photos by Sirri Rimppi


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