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The world sees itself divided with two distinct types of people, those who love this time of year filled with sparkle and food – and those who can’t wait for the capitalist’s wet dream to be over. I can side with both parties.

For the third time in row I’ve predominantly spent my time working during the most ‘magical time of year’, and let me tell you; nothing kills the Christmas spirit more effectively than rude customers.

The lines are as long as the years I’ll have to wait for a white Christmas and the customers as jolly as Santa put on a kale and spinach diet. Declined credit cards and inappropriate jokes about mother in laws result in heated fights – I slowly retreat back to the storage room.

But, whenever I see that big Christmas tree and all the lights, my wee heart melts ever so slightly. Whether it is cliché or not, this is the time of year to get together. It is about spending time with family I never see enough.

Yes, they might ask why I am still single, again; and yes, they’ll question my unorthodox life choices, again. But there still be tipsy laughter and children’s giggles.

The table will be filled with amazing, and burned food. The candles will drip on the brand-new tablecloth, just after someone spilled red wine. But that is what tablecloths are for, to get dirty. Just like Christmas is supposed to be a little bit messy.

There won’t be snow, and it won’t be like a Christmas advert. But I’ll have my mine with just a bit too much wine and plenty of inappropriate jokes. Just like I hope you’ll have yours, very merry.

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