10 moments in 2017 to restore your faith in humanity

Rachel Talbot takes a look at the positive moments in 2017 that stood out.

Every year has its ups and downs, and 2017 has been no different in its share of negative moments. Not naming any names . . . Trump. However, as much as we need to be aware of the pitfalls in our current society, it is also important to embrace and celebrate the moments during this last year which gave us hope for the future and made us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

1. The day 70% of the UK’s energy came from renewable sources

On a blustery and sunny day in June, Britain’s wind turbines and solar panels worked overtime to contribute over half of the UK’s power for one day. The energy produced eclipsed not only the energy coming from coal, but also gas stations for the day. This may have only been one day in total, but it gives us a glimpse into how our renewable energy sector may flourish in the future.

Credit: Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

2. Malala Yousafzai was accepted to the University of Oxford

At the age of just 15, Malala survived an assassination attempt when a Taliban gunman shot her in the head on a bus in Pakistan for attending school. Five years on and the young Nobel Laureate has been accepted to study PPE at the prestigious university. There is no doubt that with a degree under her belt she will go on to become an even more influential figure in society today.

Credit: Stan Hoda

3. Trump didn’t get it all his own way

Earlier this month, the United Nations voted overwhelmingly to reject Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This move recognised the need for a balance between Israel and Palestine, and that countries will not be bullied by Donald Trump’s power.

Credit: Dominick Reuters

4. Australia voted in favour of same-sex marriage

It looks as if our friends down under may have finally caught up with the rest of the world in voting for same sex marriage with a 61.6% majority in a post survey. What with such a large country showing its support of same-sex marriage, this brings the world one step closer to same-sex marriage equality.

Australian Marriage Equality Hold Post Your Yes Party
Credit: Don Arnold

5. Certain species of animals were removed from the endangered list

What with the giant panda being removed from the endangered list in 2016, it seems that 2017 will follow suit in the improving of at-risk animals status. As of September 2017, snow leopards have been removed from the endangered species list for the first time in 45 years.

Credit: Peter Bolliger

6. Woman’s marches outnumbered Trump’s inauguration

On January 21, between three and four million women marched in protest in towns and cities up and down America. That in itself was a great thing but, in Washington DC, the Women’s March drew almost 3 times as many participants as a certain individual’s inauguration … that should keep a smile on our faces for a while!

Credit: Ruth Fremson

7. Scientists discovered how to re-breed sections of the Great Barrier Reef

It’s another success story for Australia! Following the rapid deterioration of the wonder that is the Reef, scientists have managed to successfully transfer coral bred in one part of the Great Barrier Reef into another area. They hope this process could eventually be used to restored damaged marine ecosystems around the world.

Credit: Edward Haylan

8. Homeless man in Scotland became a hero

James John McGeown, a homeless man from Glasgow, was praised for standing watch over a car that he had noticed had the window down and a lady’s handbag in full view of passersby. The handbag contained £400. Once James handed in the handbag to a nearby solicitors office, the owner of the car was notified and was so grateful that he started a Gofundme page for McGeown which has already raised more than £17,000.

Credit: Rex Features

9. Borussia Dortmund fans reached out to Monaco fans

In the world of sport, when the Borussia Dortmund football teams bus was rocked by three explosions their match with Monaco was postponed. This left many Monaco fans stranded in the German city. However, Dortmund’s fans supported the Monaco fans the best they could by spreading the hashtag #bedforawayfans so that they would have somewhere to stay in the city.

Credit: Twitter


The most exciting news of the year and something which should raise all of our countrymen’s spirits is the prospect of another lavish royal wedding and the ensuing money and media surrounding the day, the dress, the venue and the drama. I just can’t wait . . .

Credit: Max Mumby

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