New year, same controversial tweets from Trump

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Not even a month into 2018 and the year is already off to a shaky start. Barr had the audacity to change the recipe for Irn Bru, shattering the optimism I had about the new year before midnight on Hogmanay. There’s every possibility things might look up, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Whether or not you care about Scotland’s much loved fizzy drink, we can still go forward into the year trying to be better people. Unless of course, you’re the President of the United States.

It didn’t take Donald Trump long to continue stirring tensions online with Kim Jong Un claiming his nuclear button is “bigger and more powerful.” Seemingly edging closer to a nuclear war took priority over a much-needed social media detox.

In all seriousness, this isn’t a case of “my dad could beat up your dad”. These weapons can wipe out millions of lives and you’d think someone who’s “like, really smart” would know better.

Unsurprisingly, many have expressed why they think Trump is in the wrong including Joe Biden who stated:

“I think it shows really poor judgment for the President to perform the way he does. Particularly with tweets. But not just with his tweets. Words matter.”

While ordinary people and politicians alike continuously call Trump out, it’s not always enough to change the minds of some of his supporters. Those on the president’s side see Trump as a courageous individual who’s standing up to a bully.

For a long time coming, the world has needed to do something about North Korea. Hoping an unpredictable dictator would get bored of acting up was never going to solve the problem. Starting fisticuffs on Twitter hasn’t been much help either, and it’s fair to say it’s only making matters worse.

Perhaps war with North Korea has always been on the horizon and Trump is merely speeding up the inevitable. However, he’s doing so on a platform that wasn’t created for starting an international conflict, on his own accord at the cost of millions of lives.

Time and time again Trump doesn’t seem to care about the damage he causes. While a war between America and North Korea is currently only a possibility, Trump won’t be the one to suffer as a result of his unprofessionalism. If chaos unfolds, those he has no consideration for will be the ones paying his consequences.

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