Stirling set for Big Wednesday

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Ahead of Stirling’s Big Wednesday tomorrow, sports president Rebecca Blair gave Craig Wright the lowdown on what to expect…

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Credit: University of Stirling

What is Stirling’s Big Wednesday?

Stirling’s Big Wednesday is Stirling’s very own personal twist on Big BUCS Wednesday, which is an annual event for finals taking place over the British leagues. Stirling’s Big Wednesday focuses more on the amount of home fixtures we host here at the campus, all on the one day, and I’d like to say a special thank you, once again, to our sponsors Fubar for kindly sponsoring this event.

This year, it takes place on Wednesday 31 January and is shaping up rather nicely!

Which teams are set to be involved?

This year, we have 16 fixtures taking place spread across six different sports. The fixtures are set to include men’s tennis, women’s hockey, men’s football, men’s rugby, women’s rugby, women’s lacrosse, women’s football, men’s hockey, women’s basketball and men’s basketball. So, plenty going on across a multitude of different sports!

Is a collective spirit amongst university sports teams something you’re looking to build?

Absolutely! This is something I feel we can massively push towards and strive to achieve. There is definitely already a sense of belonging which exists amongst our sports teams, but it’s something that can always be improved. Hopefully, through events such as Stirling’s Big Wednesday, we can push towards this on an even greater scale.

Are you hoping this will be a springboard for a push up the BUCS leaderboard?

Again, yes! Our performance this season has been exceptional and something we should be extremely proud of – particularly as we are such a small institution on the grand scale of things! Hopefully, with a good few BUCS fixtures to go this season, we can cement our place within the leader board and attain another strong finish this year.

What message would you like to send to students who might be unsure about coming out to support their teams?

It really is a fantastic showcase for sport here at Stirling! It is a great day to get involved in, whether you’re just spectating or if you want to get involved (there are plenty of opportunities to do so!) You will definitely be glad that you popped down.

Featured Image Credit: University of Stirling

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