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What the Trump?

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and Aneesa Dastgir

President Donald Trump is notorious for his twitter rants and general statements. It’s hard to keep up, so here’s a round up of the ones that made our eyes roll and say, “Oh Donald!”.

Trump announces that he is the “least racist person anybody is going to meet.”

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Has he met him?

Twittering Trump gave an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV where Piers questioned Trump’s retweets of Britain First. The President claimed that he did not know anything about Britain First but the content he re-shared was a “depiction of islamic terror which (he) is strongly against.” Yeah. Okay Trumpy.

Trump and his stock market tweets are “fake news”.

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…And? Do you even know how the stock market works? and it does not help majority of people , unless your dad gave you a small loan of a million dollars… *sips tea*.
The stock market does not represent the financial situation of those who work everyday, and are ordinary people.

Piers Morgan does some super investigative journalism…

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 22.57.37

Wait…he’s NOT a feminist?! Silly me, thinking he was grabbing women by the pussy to empower them. Thanks, Piers for clearing that up.

Trump might be a bit confused with how arms deals works.

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“Human rights”, right? Ironic, as Trump deals with Saudi, and trade arms. You cannot promote human rights while selling arms to kill millions of civilians.

Trump just went for Jay-z

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After Trump boasted that unemployment in the black community was at a record low, Jay-Z argued that the President was failing to see the bigger picture, as black people are still being paid less than whites. Despite being president and probably having contacts with the Jay-Z household, he decided to respond on twitter. Be careful Donald, don’t make Beyonce come for you…



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