Stirling’s first pride event is underway

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Credit: University of Stirling


This week, Stirling University’s LGBT+ society is hosting the first ever Pride event on campus.

Lasting from 5-9 February, it will celebrate and inform people about the different LGBT+ identities here at Stirling.

Union President Astrid Smallenbroek said: “I’m very excited that the LGBT+ society are organising a pride event, as a member of the community myself it’s obviously an issue that I care a lot about.

“Seeing students come together and organise such a great event is fantastic to see. I really hope that this event shows how vibrant and welcoming Stirling is.

With regards to the Student Union’s involvement, Smallenbroek added: “Although the Students’ Union doesn’t have any concrete promotion plans I will definitely be involved however I can.”

Each day will be dedicated to what it means to be part of a specific group within the LGBT+ community. Different gender identities and lesser-known groups beyond the plus acronym will also have their moment in the spotlight.

There will be information stalls, games, music, and art in the daytime, whilst activities will also take place in the evenings, including a karaoke night and a drag show to round off the week which is expected to take place in Venue.

LGBT president Rosie Charles has told Brig, “Everyone is encouraged to come along and show support and learn a little more. Also, I’d like to put a huge emphasis on other societies’ involvement and regular students getting involved”.

VP Communities Jamie Grant has also expressed his thoughts on Stirling Pride, saying: “‘I’m delighted to see our Societies leading from the front when it comes to celebrating Pride. Volunteers are the bedrock of our Union, and it’s through their hard work and dedication that awesome things are able to happen.

“I stand fully behind the LGBT+ Society as a firm ally, and will support their event in any way I can!”

For more information on what’s happening throughout Stirling Pride Week, check out the LGBT+ society’s Facebook page for a rundown of everything coming up.

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