Waiting almost over for two of Britain’s best

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What a year boxing has in store for the fans.

With already an impressive line up of major fights on the cards for the next four months in a row, fans should start saving now for the best of the box office.

In the month of February, we are being blessed with two big fights, the first being Chris Eubank Jr vs George Groves. This fight is the first semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series, with the second semi-final taking place on February 24. The fight took just seven minutes to sell out, which shows us that it is not one to be missed.

The WBSS, on their website, state that their tournament consists of the following:

In each weight class, eight elite boxers battle it out in an elimination tournament, with four quarter-finals (September & October 2017), two semi-finals (January & February 2018) and one final (May 2018). The winners of the World Boxing Super Series will rightfully receive the greatest prize in boxing, the Muhammad Ali Trophy.

As well as the beautiful trophy up for grabs, a nice prize sum of $50 million is divided between the boxers who participate.

The fight is to take place on February 17, this Saturday  at the Manchester Arena and will be available from ITV Box Office for £16.95.

Both boxers are two of Britain’s finest fighters on the scene, with impressive stats. Groves has a record of 27-3 with 20 KOs and Eubank Jr has a record of 26-1, with 20 KOs.

Eubank has had an impressive reign and his attitude makes it all the more worth watching. Groves is of equal stance, but of course, there can only be one winner on Saturday night.

Groves had a few things to say about Eubank Jr:

I didn’t think he would be the bookies’ favourite by the time we got to this point – which he is – which shows what a good job the dad has done and the son, in creating a persona. It’s only a persona.

At the press conferences prior to the fight, Eubank had his own response to Groves’ criticism:

“I think you are jealous, George. You are in big trouble my friend.”

These comments were made in response to Groves saying that Eubank Jr was nothing but a “persona” and obsessed with his image.

Regardless of how they feel about each other, the fight on Saturday will be extremely entertaining!

The undercards of a fight always add a bit of dimension. There are a whole range of supporting fights taking place, from Tommy Langford (19-1, 6 KOs), who will defend his British Middleweight title against Jack Arnfield (25-2, 6 KOs) at the Arena, as well as  Arfan Iqbal vs Simon Vallily (for the English cruiserweight title).

Ryan Walsh will also be defending his British featherweight title against Isaac Lowe.

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