Marmozets triumphantly end UK tour in Edinburgh

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After hearing ‘Captivate You’ from Marmozets’ first album, The Weird and the Wonderful Marmozets, I have been a massive fan of the Yorkshire-based rockers. I must have listened to the album over 200 times throughout summer and when ‘Play’ was dropped towards the end, I was so excited to find out that new music was coming.

I was looking forward to this gig more so than to any other gig I have ever been to.

The band came out on to an electrified stage, setting the tone with ‘New Religion’, one of my personal favourites from their second album Knowing What You Know Now. A hard, thumping opening to the gig was followed by the second single from the album, ‘Habits’. Up until now the crowd was docile, excited and lively, but not full-on losing themselves… then came ‘Is It Horrible.’

The drum-beat started, the rhythm guitar picked up and Becca began her chant of “Is it horrible?” before diving into the first heavy scream of the night and the crowd charged into a full-on mosh pit. As I like to keep my body intact I stood to the side of the pit, but my God, did I feel the power of it.  It was the first point of the night when everyone completely lost it, and I loved it.

From that point onwards, the band had us. Becca and her brother Sam then began to joke about England and Scotland, which the crowd didn’t seem to like, but Sam expertly saved it with: “we can talk politics, or we can play some f*****g music and have a good time”. In all honesty, sometimes we need moments where we forget about the world and just enjoy the moment. So yeah, thanks for that Sam, was great.

A notable moment of the night was when the band decided to slow things down and play ‘Insomnia’. I was personally hoping for one of their calmer songs to be played, for the simple reason that Becca’s voice is incredible. She has the most unique voice I have heard in a rock band in so long, not only to be able to scream the way she does, but her overall tone and unique sound is truly amazing. Hearing the haunting melody and lyrics, “Insomnia, I feel better with you, you’re in my head” made my night.

The band’s penultimate song was the third single from the latest album, ‘Major System Error’, a relentless scream of a song that never holds up until the end. They then closed with ‘Captivate You’. Throughout this performance Becca was incredibly emotional, maybe as this was the last show on the UK tour, but also for the simple fact that an entire room sang back the chorus of a song she wrote and strived to perform on a stage. She turned the mic to us and let us have the final few lyrics: “And I will captivate you. With everything I’ve got. To bring out the best in you. One strength, one heart. Is all you need tonight. Tonight, tonight, tonight.”

It was all we needed as a crowd. Everyone was still, arms raised, and appreciative of a band that has worked as hard as possible to make it to where they are now.

I first heard of Marmozets listening to this song. Nine months have passed since I heard it and I am still as captivated as ever. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store.

Rating: 5/5

Knowing What You Know Now is available now

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