Staff and students criticise university principal’s response to strike action.

University staff and students have criticised the University Principal and Vice-Chancellor Gerry McCormac over his response to recent strike action by the University and College Union (UCU) over proposed changes to the pension scheme.

Many at today’s picket line criticised McCormac for not making his stance on the issue of the proposed pension changes clear, when the Vice-Chancellors of other universities, such as the University of Newcastle and the University of Essex, have voiced their own opinions and came out in support of striking lecturers.

Staff described McCormac’s correspondence with them as bland, mundane, generic, and non-committal, with many feeling that the Principal was just taking the official line. One staff member described his lack of a stance as “conspicuous”, and another said “I would like to know where the principal stands on this.”

A sign condemning Gerry McCormac

Students supporting the strike also criticised McCormac’s response, some claiming that they felt it was not good enough, and one student said that they felt that McCormac’s silence was stonewalling both the students and staff.

The University has emailed students informing them of strike days that will be taking place over the next few weeks.


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