Male skincare to try out

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by Charlotta Lundahl

Source: Cassandra Myee

Apparently, there are skin products, and then there are skin products for men.

It is in itself a very interesting approach to make women the skincare norm as if we are the only ones who get dry, flaky skin or overproduce oils that make our foreheads shiny like galaxy glazed cakes.

However, I assume this has to do with men’s fear of appearing feminine; in our society, men have the social power and women are subordinate. Therefore, everything that is seen as typically feminine will have a lower status.

You can increase your status as a woman by separating yourself from these attributes: stop wearing makeup and dresses, dislike the colour pink and claim that you only have guy friends because “they are so much more fun and easier than girls anyway.”

This works the other way around too: as a man, you can by skin products and protect yourself from femininity by making sure they are in dark, masculine colours and that is says very clearly that they are specifically made FOR MEN.

If you’re lucky, they might even be cheaper than the same product with the same content – but without the FOR MEN added on to them.

Coming from a cold climate in the great north, my skin has always been dry and flaky. This something that I don’t mind. Unless its those few days a week where I try to put on makeup. Suddenly, all my dry patches show up and it looks like my full face is about to fall off.

One day, midwinter 2014: I was broke, but my dry skin needed moisture. I went to one of the larger pharmacy’s, and picked the cheapest, closest item from a company that I didn’t mind: Nivea.

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I was therefore not surprised when I found out that the shaving balm in the same collection turned out to be an amazing foundation primer. It doesn’t have any added perfume, and it’s very sticky which is excellent when you want your makeup to stay on for 8+ hours.

It does not only stop by face to dry up into a flaky ball of sadness – it’s also way cheaper than traditional face primers from makeup companies.

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