Logie occupiers polarise opinion at Union General Meeting

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Credit: Stirling Students Support the UCU Pensions Strike


Tensions ran high in the last Union General Meeting of the academic year, with the Logie occupiers aiming to persuade the student union to support the occupation.

In the most discussed motion of the meeting, the occupiers called on Stirling Students’ Union to act as mediators between themselves and Principal Gerry McCormac.

There was fierce debate both for and against the motion, but it is clear that many students are furious with the occupiers for disrupting their education.

One student went as far as to say to the occupiers: “You have robbed me of my education.”

Many students are supportive of the striking lecturers, but believe the occupiers are going about things ‘the wrong way’.

Commenting on the occupation, one student said: “The fight isn’t with the student body, but it will be the student body who get screwed over by the occupation.”

The Logie occupiers are angry and disappointed that there has been no contact from university management since the occupation began on March 14, despite some lecturers supporting the movement by donating supplies to the cause.

The occupation has received lots of media attention, and has even been visited by Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor for Channel 4 News, who was due to deliver the annual Hetherington Lecture in the Logie building on Wednesday evening.

However, university staff are still unwilling to communicate. One occupier added: “Clear communication is needed between lecturers, occupiers, students and management, regardless of your views on the occupation.”

The ‘occupation motion’ was withdrawn, partly due to the Union’s political neutrality motion, which prevents the Union from getting involved in campaigning on such issues.

In the aftermath of the meeting, the occupiers were quick to criticise the proceedings.

One occupier described the meeting as a ‘farce’ and ‘one-sided’. Others were disappointed they had been told to ‘calm down’ and that people were swearing at them.

The possibility of a referendum on the #OccupyLogie motion was touched on during the meeting, and although as of yesterday the UCU talks are looking more optimistic, what is certain is that the occupiers are going nowhere until clear progress is made.


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