2018’s video game Hall of Fame finalists announced

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The Strong National Museum of Play have announced this year’s finalists for induction into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

In a press release issued on March 27, New York-based museum The Strong has announced the shortlist of 12 video game contenders to be considered for the 2018 induction into the Hall of Fame. The nominees are:

Call of Duty
Final Fantasy VII
Dance Dance Revolution
John Madden Football 
Ms. Pac-Man
Tomb Raider
King’s Quest

The nominated games are highly diverse in genre, mechanics and development techniques, and span across many decades, with Spacewar! being the venerable elder of the contenders, released in the early ’60s, and Minecraft being the youngest, first released in 2009. However, they are all united in being cultural phenomena, each in their unique way and for distinctive reasons.

The Strong’s criteria for selecting titles for Hall of Fame induction include: the game’s icon-status, longevity, geographical reach, and scope of influence.

The committee responsible for the selection is composed of “journalists, scholars, and other individuals familiar with the history of video games and their role in society,” The Strong outlines on its website. The 2018 winners will be announced May 3.

2017’s inductees were Street Fighter 2, Pokemon Red and Green, Donkey Kong, and Halo: Combat Evolved. The full list of last year’s contenders also included Resident Evil, Portal, Tomb Raider, Wii Sports, Final Fantasy VII, Solitaire, Myst and Mortal Kombat.

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