Stirling MP pledges support to Refugee Family Reunion Bill

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stephen kerr
Stephen Kerr was elected in the snap election in 2017. Credit: Stephen Kerr/Facebook

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr announced his support for the Refugee Family Reunion Bill following pressure from members of Stirling University’s Amnesty International society.

Members of the society had written “around 11 letters” to the Conservative politician urging him to support the bill.

MPs have backed the bill proposed by SNP MP Angus MacNeil following a debate in the House of Commons on 16 March.

The bill would allow child refugees who arrived in the country unaccompanied to sponsor a close relative to join them.

It also calls for the reintroduction of legal aid to support refugee families with their application.

Kerr wrote to the student members of the Amnesty society to confirm his support.

In his his letter addressed to a member of the society, Mr Kerr said: “After Members had finished speaking, I decided to support the bill.

“There were several aspects that garnered my support, the chief one being fairness. I do not believe that it is fair for refugees under the age of 18 to not have the right to sponsor close family members, a right over 18s have”

Kerr’s letter to the students. Credit. Stirling University Amnesty International

The Stirling MP’s support has been welcomed by the members of the Amnesty International society who are proud of their efforts.

Aneesa Dastgir, President of the Amnesty International society said: “Having an MP change their position on a bill like this shows that a small action such as a letter, has a huge effect. I’m proud of the society that we achieved this.”

The refugee reunification bill will now pass to committee stage where possible amendments may be made however it is suspected the government may oppose the legislation at a later date.

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