Credits: Dua Lipa’s instagram

Dua Lipa’s Glasgow concert – dance-cry vibes

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Credits: Pixie Levinson via Dua Lipa’s instagram

“There is strength in sadness, and grace in vulnerability.” Dua Lipa’s Glasgow show was her biggest audience ever, hosting 13,000 people in The SSE Hydro, and it had a recognisable overarching theme which was aimed at the ups and downs of relationships that characterise our generation.

Her performance was themed red and blue, a Rothko inspired theme taken from her song ‘Be The One’, where she sings: “I see in blue, and you see everything in red,” for which she at the show crawled down to the audience. In response, they proceeded to scream, holding onto her arms and legs for dear life, hoping to absorb her. Being known for her empowering yet vulnerable dance-cry love songs, this contrast theme paired with her impressive vocals and a comfortable set list created an incredibly well-rounded experience.

Credits: Christina Hollede

The concert started with some of her earliest releases, but we didn’t have to wait long for some of her biggest hits – ‘Hotter Than Hell’ being one of the first big hits played, her collab with Martin Garrix, ‘IDGAF’, ‘Be The One’, and finally ‘New Rules’, which was welcomed with such an enormous singalong that she paused the show twice to express her gratitude, making “aws” and cheers audible throughout the whole arena.

Her core fanbase mainly consists of the young and female in the population, but some men were spotted. This show was special, being her biggest audience, and her emotions were more on display than at the other shows. Whilst singing some of her more slow songs, she was visibly emotionally affected, on the brink of shedding a few tears, but in this moment it was as if she was able to channel that through her music, like a true musician.

Credits: Angelic via Celebrity Hive

Her first outfit of the night was a beautifully risqué blue lace bra, paired with culottes and a monochrome suit jacket, very fitting to the theme of vulnerable but strong, and femme but fatale. Her energy was incredible – dancing along to the choreography, which was characterised by karate kicks, lots of hair whipping, and sensual floor work.

She changed for the second part of the show, into a revealing white & black patterned bodysuit toned down by red thigh high folded boots, and a loose blue suit-like jacket draped over her – theme appropriate. Her energy stayed high throughout, taking short pauses to thank the audience over and over.

Her music is relatable to nearly all young women, appealing to their sense of strength and vulnerability. The theme of contrasts in her music was expressed artistically in the use of blue and red, the half formal suit-lingerie pairing, and the set list beautifully highlighting her Amy Winehouse inspired slow songs, and upbeat Sia-esque pop hits.

Credits: Pixie Levinson via Dua Lipa’s instagram

Overall, the performance creatively hit home, and her vocals were some of the strongest I had ever experienced live. Her talent is sure to be recognised as her fame skyrockets.

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Welcome to my hectic, mixed world. I lack bias like it is a disease. Former Editor at Brig Newspaper, Psychology & English student, autoimmune.

Welcome to my hectic, mixed world. I lack bias like it is a disease. Former Editor at Brig Newspaper, Psychology & English student, autoimmune.

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