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IMG_83jf12“Ending: an end or final part of something.” A noun dreaded by most due to its unforgivable nature, one that marks the end of a situation you have grown comfortable with – good or bad.

It is the lack of control that makes the future so frightening, or more so the lack of illusion. While choosing the road more travelled might feel safe, it does not guarantee the direction you’ll go in.

I’ve always been jealous of those who happily choose the paved road that goes straight ahead. Not only do you have lots of company, there are viewpoints and ice cream carts, and for some reason, that yellow brick road is always sunny.

This girl can’t help but pick that dodgy looking path going deep into the woods, where you know there won’t be any restrooms, let alone picnic tables or any indication of where you’re going.

In the unknown the possibilities are endless. While I have a good imagination, reality always takes it a step further. I’m too curious not to find out what could lie in store.

What if that dodgy path takes an unexpected turn and you get to see the view of a lifetime? Dolphins splashing about while the sun paints the ocean in every hue of pink.

It is why I’ve travelled, it is why I moved to Scotland and it is why I’m moving once again. I always have to choose the unknown, headlong.

The consequence? Frequent endings.

While that means the end of one thing, it automatically means the start of something else. No one can guarantee that it will be better than what you had. I’m highly aware of that annoying fact.

But, as Osho says, “even if you suffer, it is worth it – it always pays. You always come out of it more grown up, more mature, more intelligent.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be able to put those qualities up on my LinkedIn. So here is to anyone picking that dodgy path once again, secretly dreaming about that yellow brick road until we find that view of a lifetime. It’ll be worth it.

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