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13:58: That’s pretty much it for our coverage of the 2018 Stirling Scottish Marathon! Congratulations to everyone who took part – from those at the top end of the standings to those gritting their teeth and breaking through that wall, we salute you. See you next year!

13:55: Definitely a sense that this year is the best event yet for the organisers and participants alike – lot of positive feedback on the course and the general atmosphere.

13:45: The final finishers are making their way across the line to raucous applause – the Stirling crowd have been in fine voice today

13:33: “I don’t know if you’d catch me running a marathon!”

Glasgow Warriors star Finn Russell is out supporting at the Stirling Scottish Marathon.IMG_20180429_122854.jpg

13:24: Everyone is enjoying the Stirling weather now. Its like this all the time,  swear…

13:13: He crossed the line earlier, and was immediately met by adoring fabs – Sam Heughan of Outlander fame was amongst the finishers in King’s ParkIMG_20180429_115636.jpg

13:02: And finally, the top three from the women’s race.

12:59: The top three from the men’s marathon.1525003124616-1076735305.jpg

12:55: The men’s half marathon medallists (minus one…)1525002931474-58277219.jpg

12:54: The women’s half marathon medallists.

12:45: Official presentations are just moments away…

12:30: Great atmosphere around the finish area at the minute. Everyone buzzing in a sense of mass euphoria.

12:20: Still a few runners coming through the university campus – top work everyone! Credit: Sirri Rimppi.received_10211296099467884.jpeg

12:02: The rain is off for now too! All is good!

11:52: And our second Brig star is across the line!IMG_20180429_115213.jpg

11:40: So once the runners have finished, it’s into the event village for some well earned food, drink, collect your belongings and enjoy the show! Also, how about the view of the castle?…IMG_20180429_113842.jpg

11:32: And we also have our women’s champion! Alison McGill of Fife AC comes home in a shade over three hours

11:30: Bang on two hours, and our very own Shannon Scovel has finished the half marathon!

11:27: The first green vest of the university’s athletics club is home and hosed!IMG_20180429_112614.jpg

11:20: https://mobile.twitter.com/StirlingCouncil/status/990534830394871808

11:15: The rain is doing it’s best to come down, but Stirling University’s athletics club are out in force!IMG_20180429_111253.jpg

11:08: Some incredible times coming in as more half marathon runners approach the finish. Varying degrees of pain and happiness, but the crowd is playing it’s part!

11:04: Tom Roche comes in third, with an incredible time of two and a half hours in his first marathon!

10:59: And we have a winner! Michael Wright of Central AC is the 2018 Stirling Scottish Marathon champion!IMG_20180429_105916.jpg

10:48: The first few finishers are careering their way towards King’s Park, smiling all the way to the end.received_10211236389695121

10:37: A terrific photo from our friends at Stirling Council!Db8FCnBWsAIM6b3.jpeg

10:34: Not just swimming that these boys excel at then!

10:33: https://mobile.twitter.com/CharlieBoldison/status/990494117804298240

10:12: One interesting thing to note – the route is able to pass through Murray Place, with the area deemed safe after the flat fire earlier this year. Its set to be a popular spot for spectators, with the hardiest of locals out already.IMG_20180429_101148.jpg

10:05: Crowds begin to make their way from the start line into the centre of Stirling, as the runners continue to navigate their way around the route.

09:43: Amongst those running are Brig’s very own Amy Beveridge and Shannon Scovel – see you at the finish line! IMG_20180429_091929.jpg

09:32: Half Marathon is underway!IMG_20180429_093154.jpg

09:30: GO!

09:29: Almost time…

09:20: Some serious warming up going on… A good atmosphere down at the start line!IMG_20180429_092008.jpg

09:10: Organisers are keeping their fingers crossed the Scottish weather behaves itself. “Perfect conditions at the minute” says one.

09:03: Silver medal and everything…IMG_20180429_084936.jpg

09:02: “I’ve been based here since 2012, and I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. I love the city, I love the people, it’s just a great place.

Go out, do your best, and stay hydrated!”

The words of Olympic swimmer Ross Murdoch, who is helping to start the race today!

08:57: https://mobile.twitter.com/BlairDrummondSP/status/990496519701893120

08:49: From there, crowds will be waiting to cheer them over the finish line in King’s Park. Job done!

08:47: A jaunt out to Hillfoots takes runners past 20 miles, before heading back into Stirling.

08:45: It’s then around to the University of Stirling, complete with fan zone, at roughly 16 miles, before running past the Wallace Monument at the 17 Mike marker.

08:43: Andy Murray’s gold postbox is the marker for 11 miles down in Dunblane, when the runners begin to head back towards Stirling.

08:40: The runners for the marathon have headed off in the direction of Blair Drummond Safari Park, before hitting Doune Castle at around seven miles.

08:32: Best of luck to all runners – we’ll see you in 26 and a bit miles!

08:30: GO!IMG_20180429_083010.jpg

08:29: We’ll go over the route shortly, but in the meantime, University of Stirling swimming star Ross Murdoch has a klaxon in hand…

08:27: The start of the marathon is just a couple of minutes away, with the half marathon getting underway at 9.30.

08:25: After a hugely successful debut last year, the event is back with a new and improved course for 2018.

08:20: Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2018 Stirling Scottish Marathon!

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