Everything we know so far about The 1975’s new era

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By Cameron Watson

If you’re like me, you will have had The 1975’s ‘Give Yourself a Try’ on repeat since its release on Thursday 31st May. The track is an upbeat, bubble-gum pop sounding jam for the summer with contrasting lyrics filled with undertones of sadness and critics on the way we currently are, a typically brilliant track.

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But along with the release, Matty Healy finally confirmed some rumours about the future of their band. In previous interviews Healy confirmed the name of the next album to share the name of the third EP Music for Cars and planned to end after a trilogy of albums. However, in recent interviews with Annie Mac for BBC Radio 1 and Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Healy explained how the band would no longer retire and also how the album would no longer be called Music for Cars.

The new name teased over social media leading up to the release of ‘Give Yourself a Try’ is A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships with a confirmed release date of October 2018 followed by a fourth album called Notes On A Conditional Form to be released in Spring 2019, confirmed by Healy on Twitter.

While speaking to Lowe, Healy explained the change saying “There is no album called Music For Cars. The reason I changed my mind is that I realised every writer wants a great ending, right? That’s what you want as part of your repertoire. I think I had the drive to do that so much throughout I Like It When You Sleep,” he continued. “It was driving me. And then when I started making this record I realised I was just being naive. I was lying to myself. I’m not going to stop The 1975 next year – no way. I don’t want to do that.”

Healy then went onto explain that even though the Music for Cars title has been ditched, he now see’s it as more of an era and a moniker for all the music released over this timeframe (2018 – 2019).

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However, in an interview released today with DIY magazine Healy confirmed that they still haven’t finished the album so the only thing we have for concrete is the names of the next two albums and this one single. Healy commented on this saying “It’s a trip, man. The most amount of posters around London are our posters. There’s one in London Bridge and I went past it in an Uber and thought, that’s me. And that’s advertising an album that I haven’t finished. What am I doing!?”.

But relatively little is actually known about the contents or themes of the forthcoming albums. The teased images on social media and posters round London show a Black Mirror-esque dystopian future that is close to ours, eluding to a possible social commentary on the current affair of our society. Back in May, Healy confirmed this idea with Q magazine stating the band will move into “socially informed and kind-of politically motivated pop music”.

Healy also confirmed that this era will carry on the story told in the previous albums, stating for NME that “it’s always kind of been my story. It spanned adolescence to maturity, success and trying to mediate the two, and the third one is where we are now”.

Finally, there have been many rumours about potential song titles flying around the internet with the following appearing on several occasions. These are: ‘It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)’, ‘I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)’, ‘More Than You’, ‘Make It Happen’, ‘Don’t You Mind’, ‘Obviously’, ‘Outside Your Room’, ‘Add To Cart’.

In short, it’s a very exciting time to be a fan of one of Britain’s most talked about bands.

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