Album Review: Lykke Li – So Sad So Sexy

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From moody collaged art work to sexy R&B beats accompanied by Lykke Li’s enchanting voice; So Sad So Sexy proves itself to be this summers unexpected, but highly welcomed comeback.

After having lost her mother, and becoming one herself, Lykke Li found herself in an artistic rut. In the fours year since the 2014 album release of the break-up song filled I Never Learn, Lykke Li has found herself a new record label, home and life. This self-proclaimed rebirth becomes evidently clear on the 10 track long album.

The album opens with Hard Rain, Lykke Li’s familiar vocals glide across synthesised pop beats creating an almost haunting but intriguing mood. The influence of mainstream music is clear and carries on throughout the album. However, instead of taking away from Li’s unique voice, the heavy beats and electronic additions create tracks to dance to. Something quite novel compared to Li’s previous work.

Deep End is one of the most profound R&B influenced songs on the album. The trap-beat works as the perfect canvas for the addicting chorus, resulting in a moving blend of sad and sexy.  Rapper Aminé is the only artist to collab with Li on the album. His feature on the song Two Nights adds a slight hint of Hip-Hop, amplifying Li’s subtle but clear message that she is no longer solely an indie artist.

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With Sex Money Feelings Die, images of smoke machines, expensive cars and gold jewellery immediately spring to mind. It is as if Li managed to coat recent hip-hop hits in a unique layer of indie influence, managing to smooth away some of the hard layers while keeping the robust shape.

Rarely has the title of an album been so fitting to its content.  With So Sad So Sexy, Li has managed to create an album that stays true to her characteristic melancholic sound, while giving it in an added dimensions of sensuality.

While some of the lyrics can fall short, the occasional use of the word ‘bae’ results in slight shake of the head, Li’s gets away with it due to her hypnotizing vocals. Compared to the in 2014 released I Never Learn, So Sad So Sexy reveals an equally sad but sexier Lykke Li.  We’re a fan.

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