Boris bails – who is next?

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The Tory’s descent into chaos seems to have happened overnight. Two key players in the Brexit negotiations have resigned, leaving even the staunchest Tory wondering who will be the next to go.

David Davis, Brexit secretary, stepped down after announcing he did not “believe” in his role any longer. Boris Johnson was soon to follow, announcing in his resignation letter that he felt that negotiations were going “backwards”.

Johnson’s negotiation letter spells out a poetic yet ominous future for Brexit. These are just a few lines from his two page resignation:

“What is even more disturbing is that this is our opening bid.” 

“It is as though we are sending our vanguard into battle with the white flags fluttering above them.”

“The dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt.” 

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Dominic Raab has been quickly promoted to take over the role of Brexit secretary, a stark change from his previous position of housing minister.

Raab, a self described Thatcherite, hopes to achieve a “full fat” Brexit, appealing to the leagues of Brexiteers hoping for a more decisive approach. He has been advocating for Brexit long before the debate became a serious discussion amongst British households and seems like a strong choice to spearhead further talks.

In 2011, he stirred up controversy calling feminists “obnoxious bigots”- thereby alienating a growing portion of the population. Raab has already faced issues with Michel Barnier, the man serving as European Chief Negotiator for the UK leaving the EU, calling him “unprofessional”; this was following the French politician’s comment that he wanted to “teach” the UK a lesson.

Speculation had it that Michael Gove, current Environment Secretary, would take on the position of Foreign Secretary; however it went to Jeremy Hunt, now former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, who was seen at 10 Downing Street only hours before.

Jeremy Hunt, a controversial figure in British politics, seemed a surprise to many after their were rumors he would face demotion earlier this year after overseeing the worst winter crisis the NHS has seen in years. The longest serving health secretary since the NHS’ conception, Hunt had previously refused to leave his position when asked to during a cabinet reshuffle.

Whilst the resignations have undoubtedly shaken the party, bringing up talks about votes on no confidence, the positions have quickly been reallocated.  The question is, will Hunt and Raab face any more success than their predecessors?



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