Stirling customers charged more by Vue cinema, Stirling Observer finds

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The Stirling Observer has reported that the Vue cinema in Stirling has been charging Stirling customers more than any other Vue cinema in Scotland.

The Observer discovered the higher prices when one of their readers contacted them after paying £17.48 for two VIP tickets at an Edinburgh Vue showing of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and then having to pay £29.48 for two VIP tickets at the Stirling Vue to see Mission Impossible: Fallout.

The reader said that when she complained about the price difference, Vue cinemas cited a “dynamic pricing policy” across all of their cinemas, meaning the prices of food, drink, and tickets vary in different areas.

The reader reportedly commented to the Stirling Observer saying: “I don’t know if this is common knowledge but I was shocked at the price difference. Fair enough, had it been one or two pounds extra – but it was six pounds a ticket.”

The Stirling Observer then researched different prices at Vue cinemas after being made aware of the differences and researched prices for a Wednesday evening showing of Mission Impossible: Fallout.

They found that Stirling charged the most for tickets, with £12.74 being charged for one standard ticket and £14.74 for one VIP ticket.

Glasgow came second with £10.79 for a standard ticket and £12.29 for a VIP -showing that a VIP ticket at a Glasgow Vue cinema is cheaper than a standard ticket at the Stirling Vue.

Edinburgh customers were charged £6.74 for a standard and £8.74 for a VIP ticket.

The cheapest option was in areas such as Inverness, Livingston, Aberdeen, and Hamilton where it was £5.74 for a standard ticket and between £7.24 and £7.74 for a VIP ticket.

Every option outside of Stirling, including VIP tickets, were cheaper than one standard ticket in Stirling.

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford commented to the Stirling Observer on this issue, expressing his concern over the higher prices; “I am surprised that local Vue cinema ticket prices are being charged at such a high rate, especially when compared to the rest of the country.  There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for Stirling Vue to be the most expensive in Scotland.”

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr also commented to the Observer, criticising the policy and the company’s response to criticisms; “Dynamic pricing policy sounds like a fancy name for simply charging more for the same event and the statement from the company is not good enough.  They should explain, in detail, why people in Stirling are having to pay more for the same ticket.”

The Stirling Observer received a comment from a Vue spokesman who said:

“In common with many retail and leisure businesses, Vue operates a dynamic pricing policy. Every site has a range of fixed and variable costs that must be taken into account when determining prices in their local market.”

This was followed by:

“To ensure everyone can enjoy the big screen experience at all of our locations we are committed to providing customers with discounted ticket opportunities and offers, including Super Mondays and Mini Mornings.”

Since these price differences were discovered, and the huge response that they received from the story, the Stirling Observer has set up a petition as part of a “Fair Vue” campaign, to try and stop the company “ripping off Stirling film-goers” and to make the prices equal.

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