Famous explorer to find his way to Stirling stage

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Explorer, writer and adventurer Benedict Allen is set to appear at Macrobert this October to share insight he gained from over 30 years of travel to the most remote parts of the globe.

From exploring the dense jungles of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea to crossing the Russian Arctic by dog sled during one of the harshest winters ever recorded, he’s done it all.
Benedict’s first adventure was to cross the North Eastern part of the Amazon, which left him stranded and malaria-ridden. Ultimately, forcing him to eat his dog to survive.

He has lived with indigenous peoples, including the Yaifo of Papua New Guinea. He also took part in their manhood initiation ceremony, which entailed being beaten daily for six weeks and scarred with bamboo blades to give him crocodile-like skin, at the end of which he was accepted as a member of the indigenous group.

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credit: Benedictallen.com

Benedict also went on to pioneer the adventure television genre, filming his own expeditions and travels without a camera crew. He has presented 11 programs for national television, as well as writing a variety of books about his adventures.

In 2017, Benedict made national headlines when he became stranded on another expedition to Papua New Guinea. Affected by both malaria and dengue fever, and his exit route cut off by conflict, he was rescued by a helicopter sent in by the Daily Mail.

The Macrobert event is set to be an exceptional evening, offering captivating ‘boys’ own’ adventure tales, exclusive travel stories and a window into the fascinating life of a truly intrepid explorer.

Benedict Allen’s Ultimate Explorer tour – Macrobert Arts Centre, October 7.

Tickets are available now.

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