Stirling’s Volunteering Society to aid Start Up Stirling

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Stirling University’s Volunteering Society will aid Start Up Stirling in an event they are hosting towards the middle of October.

The event was initially meant to be a Guinness World Record attempt at the world’s longest can line. Start Up Stirling intended on doing this by topping the current 44,966 cans set by IUFoST 2014 World Congress at Palais de Congres in Montreal, Canada. This line measured in at 2.04 miles long.

Start Up Stirling will instead be hosting a similar event where they will acquire as many cans as possible to donate to those in need. These cans will still be measured out, although it is no longer in an attempt to break the world record.

Stirling Universities Volunteering Society plans to help the organization however possible on the expected run day of October 22 from 9am-9pm at Forth Valley College during an event known as “Young People CAN.”

Credit: Stirling University Volunteering Society

“We do a lot of work with Start Up Stirling”, says Alyson Mackay, President of Stirling University’s Volunteering Society, “we’ve actually got something coming up soon with them as they were hoping to break the Guinness World Book of Records for longest can line. They’re a really good charity because they help people within Stirling itself and greater Stirlingshire.”

Stirling University Volunteering Society helps out with many of nonprofit organizations across Stirlingshire – from raising funds to awareness. The society has a strong, award winning, history behind it with a long line of achievements.

Over the years, the club has earned many accolades for their work, some of which include winner of the Young Volunteer of the Year 2016 at the Inspiring Volunteer Awards, Biggest Contribution to the Student Body two years running in 2016 and 2017. The group were also awarded Student Volunteer Group of the Year in 2015-2016 at the Volunteer Awards.

There is a reason behind the many successes of this club, and that reason is hard work and dedication.

“For valentine’s day, last year for the British Hearts Foundation we sold valentines cards.” Mackay explains, as she describes some of the many events they participate in. “This year hopefully well manage to do a few more environmental things as well, doing things like Stirling Wide Litter picks for example.”

The club mainly raises awareness and funds for local charities, although they do occasionally go further afield.

“We’re a society that hosts our own events,” Mackay explains, “like we host things in the atrium and this year we’re hoping to do a lot of bigger events within the community.”

There are also inherent benefits of being in the club itself, ranging from personal to professional. The club can help those interested get in contact with organization’s they care about.

Credit: Stirling University Volunteering Society

“We’re also a really good link if anybody wants to do a long-term volunteering role like at a charity shop or something.” Mackay says. “We can put them in contact with people and we advertise volunteering roles around Stirling.”

It also gives those involved a feeling of self-satisfaction for doing something good in the hopes of putting back into, and improving, their local community.

“If anyone is interested in joining it’s a really flexible society to be in, it’s good for your CV and it gives a real sense of genuine empathetic reward and pride.”

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