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Looking for a good ol’ immersive title to reel you in for a couple of weeks? Look no further – take your pick of some of the best RPG’s out there at the moment.

Pillars of Eternity II – Deadfire

It’s piratical, it’s gorgeous, it’s nuanced and subtle. It’s good, in short. The sequel to the 2015 original has come a long way from static environments and stiff animation, Deadfire II offers a genuinely interesting world, exotic places to explore, dynamic allies and privateer weapons. The only downside, I’d say, is the weak-ish main story, but you can play for weeks on end after completing it.


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If you’re in the mood for some Victorian-style gothic immersion, this is your champion. It’s super-atmospheric and very well rendered, suspenseful, and with plenty of foggy alleys and dim gas streetlights for the lovers of Jack the Ripper-type stories. The UI is smooth, and the gameplay is engaging, switching up stealth with evasion and numerous mission approaches.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Perhaps not as revolutionary as we all predicted it to be, Zero Dawn is nonetheless gorgeous, smooth and full of its own quirks. Aside from the traditional foraging and crafting, enjoy finding specified approaches to each of the robotic animal-inspired automata your heroine needs to defeat. The dialogue is meh, as is the voice acting, but the world and the mechanics are beautiful, and will keep you captivated.

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Witcher 3

Admittedly not the newest of titles, this one nonetheless remains my favourite game of its genre, if not an overall favourite of all time. It transformed the variables of RPGs, pushing the limits of both length and decision-making plot nuances, and showing that there need not be a compromise between graphics, story, and detail.

Its UI is complex, its lore is interesting and well-paced, the environments are stunning, and that score. Most of all, it is one of the few games where the choices you make do genuinely impact the world and the story tremendously, prompting you to come back, replay, and create an entirely different experience.

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Persona 5

Despite being over a year old, this title is still at the forefront of the genre, and definitely the strongest release of its series. The unique art style, the fast-paced sequences, the interesting dynamic of your daytime high-school student vs night-time demon-fighting-badass character – it’s all a nicely polished and well-written package.

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