Bi Visibility Week: Discussion Panel

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Panel Poster with Gradient

Every year on the 23rd of September people all over world come out to speak openly and proudly about their bisexuality. It is a day devoted to fighting prejudices and misconceptions surrounding the sexual identity and all those who fall under the umbrella term. 

Stirling University LGBT+ society felt that one day wasn’t enough to shine enough of a light on the often negated sexual identity, so all week have been giving presentations and posting content all around Bisexuality and its historical journey. We wanted to get involved and help illuminate the in LGBT+ and help combat some of the erasure that Bisexuals often face. 

Last year Brig  celebrated Bisexual Visibility Day by sharing two stories of individuals who identified within this bisexual+ label and how they came to learn this about themselves. They spoke about the process of finding a label they felt comfortable with and how they began to tell the people in their lives, even if it involved announcing it at a Fringe show. You can read about Charlene and Joe’s journey to bisexual identification here.

This year we wanted to take it up a notch and try get a more eclectic representation of bisexuality and delve a little deeper into issues surrounding the sexuality in contemporary society. We gathered a group of students who all identify somewhere under the big bisexual umbrella and asked them a few questions in the hope that we would bring out some enlightening truths and personal experiences about what living as a bisexual individual means for them and their community.

With our Media society siblings, AirTV and Air3 Radio, we have produced a panel which tries to cover some of these topics.

The panel is available to view as a video or listen to as a podcasts.


Bi Visibility Panel Video – AirTV Youtube

Visbilility Panel Podcast – Air3 Radio Soundcloud

Other links:

AirTV: http://airtvonline.co.uk/

Air3Radio: https://air3radio.com/

Stirling University LGBT+: https://www.facebook.com/stirlingunilgbtq/

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