Alleged sexual predator appointed to US Supreme Court

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Credit: Sky News

The United States Senate has voted 50 to 48 in favour of appointing embattled candidate Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


Nominated in July by a fellow alleged sexual predator, President Donald Trump, Kavanaugh looked all set to be nominated in mid-September. On the 26th September Dr Christine Blasey Ford testified to the senate judiciary committee accusing the judge of sexually attacking her during her teens.

Since her allegation was made public others came forward to accuse Kavanaugh. He defended himself in an impassioned plea to senators accusing the allegation of being a stitch up organised by many and being ‘revenge on behalf of the Clintons’. Reference to both Hillary’s loss in 2016 and Bill’s sexual assault allegation in the late 90s which Kavanaugh helped investigate.

The new Supreme Court Justice will have the right to sit on the court for the rest of his life. This will cement a right-leaning court for what could be generations. Thousands of protestors have marched on Washington in opposition to the appointment.

Roe v Wade is one of the key judicial opinions Kavanaugh may be called upon to judge. This is the legal decision that assures women the right to an abortion.

The appointment is set to have an effect on the upcoming United States midterm elections which will take place at the start of November.

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