Action shot of the game/ Credit: Ava Hammad

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

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Action shot of the game/ Credit: Ava Hammad

On October 3rd, our Stirling water polo girls conquered the University of Edinburgh, 16-4, in their first game of the season.

Under the leadership of Stirling’s new coach, Alastair Dougan, and with the arrival of new players, Stirling girls were able to fully dominate the NSA (National Swimming Academy) pool on Wednesday afternoon.

The first goal of the game came from Stirling’s fresher Nina Bohata 30 seconds into the game.

Following Bohata’s example, the first quarter finished 5-0 to Stirling. The goals from Stirling kept coming and Edinburgh’s goalkeeper had a hard time keeping up.

With the halfway score being 9-0 for Stirling, coach Dougan gave all the new players their chance to jump in.

It was no surprise to anyone when the final score was 16-4 to Stirling.

Given the date the game was taking place, October 3rd, fans of the Stirling team were asked to follow a Mean Girls theme. Through the clubs’ social media, their supporters were asked to wear pink!

According to the team’s publicity officer, Viola Madau, this ‘themed support’ will be carried out for every home game this season, with a different theme announced a few days before each game via social media.

Next, the Stirling’s girls will travel to Aberdeen on Wednesday, 10th of October, to face the RGU.

Score Summary;

  1. Quarter; Stir 5 – Edi 0

Bohata (S12) – 1, Love (S4) – 1, Kotkova (S8) -3

  1. Quarter; Stir 9-0

Sjögerud (S6) – 1, Flaherty (S7) – 1, Maxwell (S10) – 1, Bohata (S12) -1

  1. Quarter; Stir 11 – Edi 1

Kotkova (S8) – 1, Bohata (S12) – 1, Honcon (E13) – 1

  1. Quarter; Stir 16 – Edi 4

Love (S4) – 1, Flaherty (S7) – 1, Kotkova (S8) – 1, Maxwell (S10) – 2, Tirthe (E3) – 1, Sánchez (E7) – 1, Brandon (E8) – 1

So don’t forget, even though on Wednesdays we were pink, we still bleed green!

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