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For some studying should be done in complete silence, for others the point of total concentration is reached only when sweet tunes fill their ears. For those of you who identify with the second group I bring good news. Lofi Hip Hop radio 24-hour streams are a thing, and here is why you need to jump on the bandwagon pronto.  

Over the past year 24/7 Lofi Hip Hop radio streams have blown up. While music services like 8tracks and Spotify offers listeners ready-made playlists, the transition between songs can prove to be distracting in the middle of an intense study sesh. The 24-hour live streams found on YouTube Channels such as ‘ChilledCow’ and ‘Chillhop Music’ offer a seamless stream of chilled out so-called “study beats”.

The streamed tunes can be best described as the musical love child of instrumental hip hop and chilled jazz. While the music itself drew most listeners in, the accompanied visuals managed to take Lofi Hip Hop streams to the height of its popularity.

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Young anime girls can be seen studying away on a loop, they sigh, look tired but then continue  flipping pages or writing notes. Some streams even change the visuals from the girls studying during day or night-time. Some streams even have fat cats sweeping their fluffy tales while staring out of the window.

It is this feeling of solidarity with a complete fictional figure that manages to keep thousands of students on their grind. A live chat is located next to the 24-hour stream with some exchanging study tips or informing about the artist of the current song.

While for many creators the live streams started of as a hobby, by now many have managed to turn their passion into a living. Some even wanting to use their livestreams as an alternative to mainstream radio stations, hoping to give smaller artist a platform they deserve.

Whether you proudly claim to be a hip-hop fanatic or true pop lover, the 24/7 Lofi Hip Hop streams are the ultimate background music for any activity that needs relaxation. Next time you find yourself distracted by that loud chewer next to you on the silent floor, surf over to YouTube and give these chilled out beats a try.

Brig’s Top 3 24/7 Lofi Hip Hop Channels
1. Chilled Cow
2. Private Movie
3. College Music

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